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I work as a Psychic Surgeon, with a Team of Spirit Psychic Surgeons. We work in the Etheric body using Universal healing energy. I channel the healing energy whilst The Surgeons carry out the Psychic Surgery healing. Their aim is to clear the blockages that build up within the mind and body causing disease, we work to Balance the Mind to Balance the Body.


April 2021

New book 5* Reviews!
Full of Treasures!!!
Bravo Paula a wonderful follow up book. I really enjoyed sharing your continued journey. I felt like I was there with you at times, reading through your wonderful trips and upgrades and sharing your experience at Lourdes, how magical. I could feel the emotion you shared and the humour too. Swimming with the Dolphins just beautiful. Fascinating Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's words, what a privilege to read and seeing the new portraits of the Psychic Surgeons faces. Full of warmth, passion and love for what you do. Keep up the amazing work you and the Psychic Surgeons do, you truly are a gifted and blessed lady xx

A Delightful Read
I found Paula's book a joy to read. She has such an easy conversational style and takes you through pivotal points in her life which were essential in her spiritual development and her work with the wonderful Psychic Surgeons. The portraits of 12 of the 55 Psychic Surgeons she works with hold a great deal of powerful healing energy and I could feel their presence when I held the opened book over my heart. I would recommend this book to anyone who would like to know more about psychic surgery and a behind-the-scenes glimpse of their channel Paula and her path, which is one of devoted service to healing.

Acute Pancreatitis
I recently contacted Paula to organise a distant healing session for a family member who was seriously ill and in an induced coma. Since having the distant healing my family member is awake and now working on a recovery. A strong sceptic, he vividly remembers the Psychic Surgeons and the healing that was taking place. He is very grateful and now a believer too! I can't thank Paula and the Psychic Surgeons enough for all their help. Paula Swiftly organised the distant healing session at a very challenging time. I am booking another follow on distant healing session for my family member to help with this recovery now. I whole heartedly highly recommend Paula and can't thank her and the Surgeons enough for all their help.

Ear tumour
My testimonial. I sought distant healing from Paula and the Psychic Surgeons for a Chronic Ear Condition with suspected inner ear tumour and also for a really bad Dupuytrens contracture (a condition in which there is fixed forward curvature of one or more fingers, caused by the development of a fibrous connection between the finger tendons and the skin of the palm.) I was also awaiting an MRI scan. Each distant healing session with Paula and the Psychic Surgeons has been different. Commonly, the session starts with a tingle of energy around my head, then a shaft of energy going down the centre of my body. Typically, I felt the Psychic Surgeons working intensely on my ear, head, face and both of my hands. They also worked deep in my mind, to clear mental blockages and my heart chakra of emotions. I have seen the Surgeons faces and also a red ball of smoke during the sessions as well.

I visited my GP who had the results of my MRI scan and confirmed there was a shadow but normal and NO tumour. I was extremely relieved. My hand is now more open and nowhere near as tight.
Thank you Paula - the Psychic Surgeons healing has been a little miracle and transformational.
Trevor Durrell

March 2021

I’ve been feeling a bit low recently, but after the distant healing session with the Psychic Surgeons I am feeling brighter today, which is wonderful. The session was very relaxing and restful. I saw some light and had some physical movements too.

I felt very pleasant happy feelings today. With a kaleidoscope of colour starting with purple then pink, then orange which then pulsed in with the pink, after that the light went white and intense. Physically I felt something around my head and my throat and my abdomen. And finally a chill that was replaced by warmth. I have already thanked the Psychic Surgeon Team.

I feel lighter and I do feel calmer than I have done recently. Thank you.

I feel so much lighter. My right foot actually lifted of the bed! Thanks so much. Feeling great today.

I felt every cell of my body filled with love and light at the end of the session, especially. My mind is much calmer. I was able to truly enjoy this healing and be more present. Thank you very much Paula, to you and Psychic Surgeons, from the bottom of my heart.

February 2021

I had healing with you and the Psychic Surgeons for my diverticulitis and I have not had one single bad flare up now for 14 months! Before I came to see you for the healing, I was ill every week. Thank you for your kindness to me and thank you to you and your Team of Psychic Surgeons. x
Barbara Breeze

Acute pancreatitis
In an induced coma and on a life support machine with concerns for his liver condition we were asked to send distant healing to this lady's brother in hospital. Just one distant healing session from the Psychic Surgeons (with permission from his higher self) and the feedback has been.
"Thank you so much Paula and to the Psychic Surgeons Team words cannot express how grateful I am my brother is now stable and his liver is Ok. Thank you for all that you do."

My personal message of thanks to you.
I owe you my relationship with my husband and possibly my own life. As you, a stranger to me then, in just two 1-hour healing sessions of me saying very little, all but healed me. I will always be eternally grateful to you for that.
However, you also didn’t realise that after those two sessions, you rekindled and stimulated my interest in spiritualism. I don’t practice it in any way at all, but I know that my mind opened up more and I am much more intuitive now and am more sensitive to things.
You have an incredible gift, and I am honoured that you shared it with my husband and I. 
Thank you so much.
Mrs S. France

The benefits of treatments from you and the Psychic Surgeons seem to integrate not only during the session, but also through time. You are an amazing Team! I am so grateful for you all. I am usually hunched with a shoulder stoop when I walk and something odd has happened, I just walked upright, a long time since I’ve done that!

Thank you for a lovely session. I now have a feeling of calm and happiness. During the session I was aware of sensations around my hand and my abdomen, At one point near the end I felt a wonderful feeling of peace, I saw orbs of lovely light colours, yellow and orange then a little delicate rose pink and even a little lilac. Thank you all very much x

I have felt today's distant healing as very strong but calming at the same time. I felt the Psychic Surgeons working deep inside my throat, neck, thyroid area and on my back (I have a lot of pain under my left shoulder especially, and I could feel them working there, too). When the Surgeons were working on my shoulders and back, I felt electric, very pleasant tingling and also on the surface of my legs. I've seen bright light in front of my eyes, it looked like a bright tunnel and I felt every cell of my body filled with love and light at the end of the session, especially. My mind is much calmer, I was able to truly enjoy this healing and be more present. Thank you very much Paula, to you and Psychic Surgeons, from the bottom of my heart. 

January 2021

Dear Paula, I always give thanks to you and the Psychic Surgeons both before the healing starts and again afterwards. I feel SO much calmer and relaxed! I was laying on my bed with the sun coming in through the window, I nodded off but came to at 11.42am smiling. I haven't woken up smiling for a long time!

I could feel a lot of tingling through my whole body, especially my hands, arms and legs. I felt a lot of pressure on my chest, which lifted, and my body felt weightless after that. I saw orange, green and purple and felt like I was actually being held. I haven't felt this calm for a good long while.

Thank you and the Psychic Surgeons so so much for all your help, I have so much gratitude and am incredibly grateful, you are all amazing! If I could hug you all I would. Thank you.

Debbie Rowe, Nottingham

I received a message from a lady friend to say that she was still in pain! But I had not heard that she was in any discomfort at all, so quickly telephoned her to establish what had she done? Lifting a heavy item had pulled a stomach muscle and now pain was making itself known in her left shoulder. With pain all down her right hand side and across her back. Straight away I suggested a distant healing session which she readily agreed to. Having had healing from the Psychic Surgeons before, she knew what to expect. We sent the distant healing to her and gave her this feedback, not only were the Psychic Surgeons removing mental blockages but stress, anxiety and some depression too! I reassured her that she would feel lighter and brighter and her mind more calm and focused. Also that there would be less apathy too, as she just couldn’t get going during this lockdown!

There were emotional blockages to be released too that no longer served her highest good. 
Physically, the Psychic Surgeons confirmed she had pulled a muscle in her stomach and the shoulder pain was deferred pain. In addition to giving healing to her stomach the Psychic Surgeons gave healing to her neck and shoulders, all the way down her back to her lower back and hips and finally healing to her digestive system to rebalance this area.
We advised her not to lift anything heavy for the next two days whilst the healing was still working on her and that she would need another distant healing in two weeks time.

As soon as the distant healing had finished she was on the telephone to me. She said, “Paula I know what you do, I know about the Psychic Surgeons, but it still felt weird, in a nice kind way lol. I could feel them working in my tummy like butterflies and then all down my back, and I kept thinking is this my imagination, but I know that it’s not.”

The day after the distant healing she wrote to say:

“Oh wow! What wonderful healing you have done for me! I was so energised yesterday afternoon that I cleaned the kitchen and kitchen blind, sorted out my daughter’s bedroom, finished watching a TV series I’ve been following, got back into my cross stitch, and played a few board games with my daughter afterwards! I had a good nights sleep and NO pain today! Got on my weigh scales and lost 4lbs. So a fab day. I thanked the Surgeons I just feel like a cloud has been lifted, thank you x.”

                                                               ~ ~ ~ ~ ~                                                

The distant healing felt strong and worked well. I felt the Surgeons start on my head, it felt like tingling then I felt it in my hands too. The tingling went to my shoulders and neck, then to both of my feet. My left knee was tingling on the top then the whole right side of my body! I felt relaxed and calm. Thank you.

As I closed my eyes to receive the healing, I could see a golden light, changing to blues and purples throughout the healing session. I could feel when the Surgeons were working on my abdomen and on my nose too. Thank you so much.

I had some movement around my head today and my neck and shoulders and back. Also in my left leg where I’ve been having some problems with the Achilles tendon. I could feel the Surgeons working on my heart and head and I felt very deeply relaxed which was nice. Thank you to you and to the Surgeons.

That was an interesting distant healing session, I felt I had a lot of healing Angels/energy working on me from top to toe. My left arm twitched, my mind settled, and my legs got kind of a ‘wave massage’ and then I fell asleep. It was really wonderful, thank you. 

I felt the Psychic Surgeons working on my jaw, I felt them releasing from my heart chakra with sighing taking place, but I felt joy and then I slept. So grateful to you and the Surgeons x

Today I felt some movement during the session (like a gentle scraping) exactly in the place where the fibroid is. I liked feeling that because it’s like confirmation things are shifting. I also got up afterwards feeling lighter in the head and heart. So thank you once again.

I felt lots of light and loving hands just on my arms and chest and stomach calming down everything that was jangling around, and then I was gone! Fast asleep! I do feel a huge amount lighter and centred and aligned again, thank you.

Yes, the blood pressure has been up and down in its readings so that fully makes sense. I will keep drinking the water.

Thank you for the healing. I felt the energy begin to work on me & slept through most of the session. I woke up afterwards feeling strengthened & refreshed. Thank you for clearing & rebalancing the aura. I have had a few stressful interactions with others in the last few days & really needed lifting out of that energy. I did notice that my physical energy was a lot better for about 2-3 weeks after the last session. Lots more walking! 

Wow, thank you Paula, it felt really busy and could feel the Surgeons work through my body, I’m now positively glowing! That was strong, very exciting, thank you x

Many thanks for the lovely therapy, I slept for a while afterwards. I feel more focused this week for sure. An amazing experience as always xxx

I could feel myself being worked on, a lot in my head then various parts of my body. At the end of the session it felt like a rainbow through my spine, my chakras to the earth and then my entire body! 

December 2020

"Oh, I have felt this healing deeply, thank you so much, to you and the Psychic Surgeons. At first, I was anxious, as usual, yes. But as you said, my mind was calmed relatively soon, after 10 or so minutes. I soon felt embraced in some kind of cosmic hug, it was a very loving and reassuring energy, so I calmed down. To explain it better, I've seen myself floating somewhere in the Space, alone, but it felt as if I were coming home. Yes, I felt the work on my neck, also the shoulders, I have pain in my left shoulder often, so I could feel something pulsating in this area, and it was interesting that I've felt a lot of warmth, like something awakening inside my heart, some nice feeling, that was not present before. I've had a short headache and felt pain in my teeth and gums for a short period. Overall, I have felt this healing energy as very calming, it granted me the opportunity to feel feelings that I've so missed for most of my life, like: Everything's going to be alright, You are safe, You are loved, You belong. I feel like all the energy that was out of place, clicked into place. The energy of Peace and Balance was gifted to me so that I can experience it fully and integrate it, I suppose.

Paula, this is unbelievably beautiful and huge what you and Psychic Surgeons do in such a short period of time of 30 minutes! Thank you so much. I am so glad I've contacted you. I just don't want this beauty to end and I am enveloped into deep feelings of gratitude for you and Psychic Surgeons. If these pleasant feelings are going to continue for a day or two, I can only say that I'm looking forward to enjoying this process. Thank you for helping me today, thank you very, very much. Yes, feel free to use what I have written, I have also read the testimonials of other people.

It is not something ordinary, at all, to feel like you are floating in space and at the same time embraced with love. I hope someone else could feel it too, it is priceless."

Thank you so much L.H. in Croatia

"I met Paula in Pembrokeshire at the West Wales health show in October 2019, and I am so glad I did. Having had three wonderful children I had a condition that is known as Diastasis Recti, this is when the stomach muscles separate. I was no longer able to enjoy things I loved doing like running, swimming, and especially picking up my little boy. Even everyday tasks could leave me feeling sore and bloated due to inflammation. This as you can imagine was frustrating learning to live with the pain every day! I sought NHS and Private advice, only to be told that my condition could be rectified with surgery but not available with NHS as it was now viewed as cosmetic. My heart sank as it was not about how I looked it was how I felt, and the continuous pain.

Having been drawn to Paula at the health show I then booked in and had a treatment. I felt a fuzzy feeling around my stomach area, and I felt various emotions all of which were calming and soothing. Upon receiving the treatment with Paula and her team of Psychic Surgeons I felt calm and reassured. Afterwards, I began to notice that as I went about my daily chores I was no longer in pain!! I could go swimming and running without being sore and bloated, I was picking my little boy up without even anticipating the pain. Since then, I’m swimming, horse riding and I have even run a half marathon! I simply have been cured and I am now able to live my life as it was. Thank you Paula and your team of Psychic Surgeons you have given me my life back."


Distant healing.
Thank you for the beautiful healing sent by you and the Psychic Surgeons. I do feel so relaxed and calm of mind after the session, during which I was in a deep state of meditative peace. Lavender lights glowed behind my eyelids. My foot felt warm as if held, and I was extremely relaxed. Then, exactly 30 minutes later my eyes opened, and I was awake fully. Just suddenly. I wasn’t looking at my watch or wondering about the time or how long it had been or anything. I just knew it was done and they had finished. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou.


That was another wonderful session, thank you! Once again when I checked the clock after it felt like they had finished it was an hour later lol.  Think it's been the same each session I've had. You are absolutely spot on with all you have said in your email - the problem areas, what they worked on, what I felt they were working on etc!  I do feel so much lighter, brighter, and clearer which is fabulous!


Felt amazing as usual! Your feedback makes so much sense as I could barely move my neck and back over the weekend. Thanks again as always xxx

Happy Christmas beautiful lady. Lots of people will experience joy, opening some of your products. You are sharing love all around. Thank you for being you xxx


Thank you so much I felt really easy and relaxed during the distant healing session, it helped me to “connect with myself”, I have indeed had a very busy mind and was recently troubled with disturbed sleep. I thoroughly love and respect the work you do with the Psychic Surgeons and it helps me to stay “tuned in.”


Thank you it was a lovely session, lots of heat in my head. I knew emotional blockages were being removed x


Thank you to you and the Surgeons your support this year has been very much appreciated xx


Wonderful session. I could feel straight away in my 3rd eye area, and my inner right knee got quite warm for most of the session. I must have drifted off after that and came to, feeling relaxed. Thank you and your Surgeons.

Thank you so much Paula, your Surgeons. Yes I felt the Surgeon's intensely today. I felt them everywhere, tingling all over, but more profoundly on my upper back. I didn't realise I needed healing in that area until I felt the intense heat & relief. Thank you all & blessings. Love & light x

Well, your amazing products have really helped us since we ordered them last.
Thank you to you and the Psychic Surgeons Team. My husband has found the OST ointment amazing! His shoulder pain is now manageable - so much so that he has asked me to order some more, so he doesn't run out over Christmas! How is that for positive results, it's amazing! Thank you once again for such wonderful healing products x
Catherine Armiger, Wales

That was so peaceful.  Saw green, sunlight colour and purple during the healing.  You are an absolute star Paula.  Thank you my lovely so very much and eternal thanks to the gifted surgeons and angels working through you.   

I can't thank you enough for all the work you and the team of Surgeons have done on my behalf.


Interestingly, as I was writing to you I felt spirit come in and my body felt amazing most of the evening. I feel like it was the Surgeons way of confirming that they can help. A drop of hope like that can feel like an ocean, thank you x


That was amazing! I could feel the Psychic Surgeons working on me. I felt a few too. I could feel them in my head and then moving to various parts of my body.  It felt like I heard a lot of their communication.

Paula thank you so much to you and your Surgeons I feel so much better my anxiety been very with bad depression feeling lot better lots of warm heat lots love to you x

This is the only healing that’s ever helped me in my life, this is amazing xxx 

After yesterday’s distant healing session, I woke this morning and the most amazing thing happened. The Psychic Surgeons worked on my gums yesterday but continued to work on a loose back tooth during the night! I kept waking up and feeling my tooth moving about like it was being pulled. When I woke up this morning my tooth fell out cleanly, no pain, no blood! I haven’t been able to get to my dentist to have it treated and my hospital consultant was very concerned about the risk of infection. I am absolutely delighted that this has happened, and I don’t have to worry anymore, many, many, many thank you’s. 

Janet C.

Wow Paula what a stunning product range!
The Funky Feet foot balm is beautiful,
I quite literally noticed a huge improvement overnight.
Nice soft feet so easily achieved.
However, the Lavender Hug in a Bottle is my favourite.
Fabulous bubbles, gorgeous smell that results
in a truly relaxing bath. I was very emotional and thirsty.
After drinking lots of water and some help from your
wonderful Restful Sleep cream I slept like a baby,
after years of disruptive sleep!
In the morning I felt energised, calm and well rested.
These products of yours are a permanent feature in my life now.
I cannot recommend Paula’s products enough –
not only are they a luxury product but a healing one too!
Mrs DB Hampshire

Hi Paula, thank you for today’s healing lovely! We had a nice CD playing this time, the spirit of the wolf, Native American music, very uplifting. Took myself off in my mind on a nature walk we have actually been out on a bit ago. Was lovely and vivid. Saw you in my mind at the end of 15 minutes, smiling, laughing and moving your arms and hands, just as you do when you are in person healing. (She was spot on!) Jo xx

I was amazed at your Hug in a Bottle bubble bath!
It felt wonderful just like the gentle touch from the Psychic Surgeons.
I’ve had 3 bubble baths so far using the Hug in a bottle and I feel fantastic!
So happy I could burst! I can’t explain it. Highly recommended x
OST Ointment
Having only applied this to my hands twice I can feedback that I am in no
Pain and my hands feel so soft. This product is brilliant!
June x

I’m mainly using the ointment on my hands and fingers. They’re a bit ‘arthritic-ee’ – stiff not painful, just knobbly joints. I really like the ointment scent. It’s definitely improving the circulation to my fingers too. The knuckle joints can be a bit ‘clicky’ when I flex my fist, and the left hand has improved after using the ointment.
Thank you Lindsay

This range is lovely! OST ointment ordered. Thanks for the ointment Paula I have been using it for 3 days now and I believe it’s making a difference! I have less painful finger joints and maybe even better mobility. I’m so glad you’ve done this!!

I love the name too of ‘Hug in a bottle’ – what so many need right now x
Ms HW Wales

November 2020

It is no exaggeration to say that Paula and the Surgeons have saved my dancing career. 
After struggling with a difficult and lengthy injury to my foot, I thought I would have to stop dancing completely. 
I was in constant pain and carrying a lot of swelling at the site of my injury. I was depressed, paranoid and having panic attacks, I was unable to rationally deal with any small problem that occurred in my life. 
A good friend of mine spoke to me about Paula and her work with the Surgeons and I've never looked back. Distant healing sessions with Paula every two weeks has taken away swelling and pain and cleared any anxiety associated with my injury and beyond. 
I went from struggling to put a shoe on my foot to dancing on some of the world's biggest stages again. I will always be grateful to Paula and the Surgeons for keeping me in their care. You have given me my life back. 
Mr E. Watson

I happened upon Paula’s book. I felt an immediate connection to Paula and her story.  She is very relatable and her genuine desire to only help shines through. After a third of the way through I decided to look at her website, upon seeing her very reasonable Psychic Surgeon fee I decided I had little cost and much to gain if it worked.  As soon as I started writing to Paula requesting an appointment I could feel a very different and powerful energy surround me and knew what she has to offer is very special.  After writing to her my back and hips that have hurt for years felt great! This lasted several hours, like a message of hope.  I have finished Paula’s book, which is a lovely story.  I appreciate that she took a leap of faith and followed this path of service.  I had a distant healing appointment today and could feel the presence of the Psychic Surgeon and heard much of what they said.  I feel improvement and see a light at the end of the tunnel, for my condition which I have not felt before with my back and hip pain. In gratitude and thanks to the Psychic Surgeons, Paula and my Guides for bringing me to you~

C.P. Wyoming USA

Thank you and the Psychic Surgeons for the healing. Wow, wow, wow!!! I actually saw a few colours in the beginning, and during the session felt my neck/shoulders feel like they needed to move (as if I had sat awkwardly). My head and heart needed a good spring clean and my right hand and right foot have been particularly bad today. Oh Paula, you are so kind, thank you!  You 'sound' like a lovely lady :)

Feeling very relaxed. I played a relaxing music CD whilst I am sitting comfortably on the settee. I had ‘tickling’ on the top of my head, a pain in the middle of my back, tickling in right hand between thumb & 1st finger, something going on to the base of my right foot, then across the top of my left foot and my ankle, then left hip, mid back again and across my shoulders!!! Thank you for the healing x

It felt amazing again, I found my arms floating above my chest! Thanks so much again for today. You and the Surgeons have literally changed my life!

Thank you so much for the wonderful healing. I did see a lovely oriental lady at the start of the distant healing. I did feel different things throughout and releasing of anxiety. It felt like a complete overhaul I fell into a deep sleep please thank them all for me x


Hello Paula & Surgeons!

Thank you so much for your help today! I do definitely feel much better, lighter & more settled in my tummy area. I could feel warmth & light while you were working on me & odd thoughts popped into my head & then released. Including some trauma from several generations before me! I felt some tugging & a little pain at times in my tummy as things were shifting. Now I feel calm & cared for! Sending you love & grateful blessings for all your help. 

October 2020

During the distant healing session it did feel like my shoulders were being held down at one point, all felt very busy and at one point very full on! A little tearful when I rose afterwards but generally feeling really really, good inside, a great session! I can now lift my arm; I think it happened when I walked the dog this morning. Sounds silly but it was like the Surgeons gave me a kiss and said all will be ok.

Thank you so much Sarah x

A friend recommended Paula’s distant healing sessions with the Psychic Surgeons and I’ve found them invaluable during this strange Covid limbo.  I’ve had about six sessions and have felt real benefits. I have several chronic medical conditions (limited mobility because of knee problems, ulcerative colitis, bladder, and circulation problems, lymphoedema and neck and shoulder pain) and all of these conditions have improved significantly.  I also find the sessions mentally calming and relaxing and I feel energised afterwards. I’ll be checking in with Paula regularly from now on as the need arises. Thanks Paula, for sharing your amazing gift.

Alison x

Thank you for the distance healing session. I certainly have had no more symptoms of the virus - thank you x On the day of my treatment I felt I needed to rest a lot, so I did for most of the day. It needed to 'percolate' I guess. Also, I have had almost no pain after eating, so life is feeling brighter.

I fell so soundly asleep during my treatment for two hours and only a delivery outside woke me up! I certainly felt more positive and less anxious immediately.

It was a very peaceful healing session for me today. I do feel calmer now and less anxious. I feel lighter and brighter. I've just been for a walk for the first time for a while and found I had more energy than I expected. Really appreciate the work you've done for me recently.

September 2020

Wow that was wonderful. I could really feel the Psychic Surgeons working on me, especially on my heart area. I felt a pull and shift in that area with some emotion rising. The penny has dropped that that could have been why I’ve had sinus and respiratory issues as well. At one point I felt very light like I was rising or floating and my body was tingling all over. I saw light pink and a light green colours gently moving and swirling, like they were coming in and out of view. I felt tingling working in both arms. My right arm feels a little heavy and tender at the moment, but I can still feel the gentle tingling into my hands even now. I felt gentle tingling all over my torso right down to my feet.

I am very grateful with the rebalancing of my hormones. Apart from low mood I did wonder if there was an issue with my hormones because my hair has been very thin and brittle, and I have been getting cystic acne on my jawline and neck for a while that is quite painful. My hips and lower back already feel the stiffness is slowly easing. I do feel calmer and peaceful and felt like a gentle sweep all over my head, especially the top. Thank you so so much. I am incredibly grateful to you and the Psychic Surgeons for your help and healing.

Debbie Rowe


Wow that was a powerful session.  I definitely could feel the Psychic Surgeons working on me and in all the areas you have said.  I felt what I can only describe as a bubbling/tingling sensation in my heart area and in my mind at one point.  I also felt energy releasing and the jerking of body parts as things moved.  I didn't know when half an hour was up as I had my eyes closed and I could still feel them working on me but thought I better check the time and when I opened my eyes it was 12.50pm!  I didn't cry but past situations definitely flashed through my mind. 

Thank you Louise.


Thank you and the Psychic Surgeons for the healing. Wow, wow, wow!!! I actually saw a few colours in the beginning, and during the session felt my neck/shoulders feel like they needed to move (as if I had sat awkwardly). My head and heart needed a good spring clean. And my right hand and right foot have been particularly bad today. Thank you all for your time and amazing energy.


The distant healing session was beautiful – very surreal I can’t describe on words what I felt. But I felt a sweep of my body and then just subtle feelings and twinges. I felt an overwhelming sense of love and kindness. Thank you so much.


I felt the healing start and finish today, really incredible!

Thank you so much Paula and Surgeons my partner was quite emotional during and after the distant healing session today. Thank you Paula I think you are fabulous, it’s an incredible gift you have.

I felt very calm through out the session. I felt comforted by the end of the distant healing.

I was very aware of the lovely energies that surrounded me, I saw purple & green & flashes of pink followed by a beautiful light gold. I was aware of various energies moving to different parts of my body, and knew my chakras were being cleansed and balanced. In particular I was aware my heart chakra was receiving a lot of healing. I had a pulsing sensation in my right eye, it was good to know that my neck received their attention too.
Thank you again x

The distant healing with Paula and the Surgeons has been really wonderful. I have a neurological condition that affects my whole body and I could feel the healing energy moving through my spine, it's a very calming warm experience. I have defiantly seen an improvement in my symptoms. I would highly recommend.
Sarah x


“I could feel heat / a lot going on in my chest and stomach. There were some interesting images popping up. It all makes sense. I have been stressed and old emotions have been resurfacing. It is amazing isn't it? I do feel calmer”.


“I felt quite emotional I could feel a lot of swooshing through my heart and throat and hips and saw some interesting images of old shamans and little puffs of grey energy. Since the last healing I've noticed improvements which has been great”!

“Thank you for the healing today it felt super relaxing and I felt a tickle sensation on my forehead. My heart rate has been lower today, so that’s good. I’ve been trying lots of different diets with a dietician trying to find foods I can tolerate so the healing feedback does make sense”.

“It's actually been really helpful to have the healing support over the last few months as so much has happened along with all my health issues / bereavements.

It's helped calm me and given me strength to support the people around me. I've seen some improvement in my back and digestion, and I've noticed difficult family relationships have become easier”.

My apologies but all previous Testimonials have been lost due to a website blip, which has saddened me, but I am adding all new wonderful testimonials as soon as I receive them, not only for the Psychic Surgery healing from the Psychic Surgeons, but also testimonials for My book "Journal of a Psychic Surgeon" and for my newly launched product range "Vibrations of Nature(R)" Oils & Ointments. Thank you Paula Jackson.

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