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I work as a Psychic Surgeon, with a Team of Spirit Psychic Surgeons. We work in the Etheric body using Universal healing energy. I channel the healing energy whilst The Surgeons carry out the Psychic Surgery healing. Their aim is to clear the blockages that build up within the mind and body causing disease, we work to Balance the Mind to Balance the Body.


September 2020

Wow that was wonderful. I could really feel the Psychic Surgeons working on me, especially on my heart area. I felt a pull and shift in that area with some emotion rising. The penny has dropped that that could have been why I’ve had sinus and respiratory issues as well. At one point I felt very light like I was rising or floating and my body was tingling all over.

I saw light pink and a light green colours gently moving and swirling, like they were coming in and out of view.

I felt tingling working in both arms. My right arm feels a little heavy and tender at the moment, but I can still feel the gentle tingling into my hands even now. I felt gentle tingling all over my torso right down to my feet.

I am very grateful with the rebalancing of my hormones. Apart from low mood I did wonder if there was an issue with my hormones because my hair has been very thin and brittle, and I have been getting cystic acne on my jawline and neck for a while that is quite painful. My hips and lower back already feel the stiffness is slowly easing. I do feel calmer and peaceful and felt like a gentle sweep all over my head, especially the top.

Thank you so so much. I am incredibly grateful to you and the Psychic Surgeons for your help and healing.

Debbie Rowe

Wow that was a powerful session.  I definitely could feel the Psychic Surgeons working on me and in all the areas you have said.  I felt what I can only describe as a bubbling/tingling sensation in my heart area and in my mind at one point.  I also felt energy releasing and the jerking of body parts as things moved.  I didn't know when half an hour was up as I had my eyes closed and I could still feel them working on me but thought I better check the time and when I opened my eyes it was 12.50pm!  I didn't cry but past situations definitely flashed through my mind.

Thank you Louise.

Thank you and the Psychic Surgeons for the healing. Wow, wow, wow!!! I actually saw a few colours in the beginning, and during the session felt my neck/shoulders feel like they needed to move (as if I had sat awkwardly). My head and heart needed a good spring clean. And my right hand and right foot have been particularly bad today. Thank you all for your time and amazing energy.

The distant healing session was beautiful – very surreal I can’t describe on words what I felt. But I felt a sweep of my body and then just subtle feelings and twinges. I felt an overwhelming sense of love and kindness. Thank you so much.

I felt the healing start and finish today, really incredible!

Thank you so much Paula and Surgeons my partner was quite emotional during and after the distant healing session today. Thank you Paula I think you are fabulous, it’s an incredible gift you have.

I felt very calm through out the session. I felt comforted by the end of the distant healing.

I was very aware of the lovely energies that surrounded me, I saw purple & green & flashes of pink followed by a beautiful light gold. I was aware of various energies moving to different parts of my body, and knew my chakras were being cleansed and balanced. In particular I was aware my heart chakra was receiving a lot of healing. I had a pulsing sensation in my right eye, it was good to know that my neck received their attention too.
Thank you again x

August 2020

I had a 1-2-1 session with Paula and the Psychic Surgeons earlier this year (before Lockdown) and the effects were amazing! Prior to the Healing session I wasn't sleeping very well and had brain fog and difficulty feeling clear and my energy levels were very low. I had never had psychic surgery before, but I was drawn to Paula's work and so glad I did.
I felt a light soothing and very calming feeling when receiving the healing and felt transported to another world. It was amazing. I also felt a lot of movement around my hips which wasn't uncomfortable as my body released trapped energy.
Afterwards, I felt clear and uplifted like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Prior to my treatment I had issues with "quality" sleep for many months. This really changed after my session and I slept so deeply and really experienced feeling very rested. What a huge change!
Hence my reason for booking up a further session and I’m excited about the future distant healing and the progress and real healing and transformation that is possible.
Many thanks Paula and your Wonderful team!
Sincere gratitude and fascination for your help in all that you do.
Graham Coombes Hampshire 

“The distant healing with Paula and the Surgeons has been really wonderful. I have a neurological condition that affects my whole body and I could feel the healing energy moving through my spine, it's a very calming warm experience. I have defiantly seen an improvement in my symptoms. I would highly recommend”.
Sarah x

“I could feel heat / a lot going on in my chest and stomach. There were some interesting images popping up. It all makes sense. I have been stressed and old emotions have been resurfacing. It is amazing isn't it? I do feel calmer”.

“I felt quite emotional I could feel a lot of swooshing through my heart and throat and hips and saw some interesting images of old shamans and little puffs of grey energy. Since the last healing I've noticed improvements which has been great”!

“Thank you for the healing today it felt super relaxing and I felt a tickle sensation on my forehead. My heart rate has been lower today, so that’s good. I’ve been trying lots of different diets with a dietician trying to find foods I can tolerate so the healing feedback does make sense”.

“It's actually been really helpful to have the healing support over the last few months as so much has happened along with all my health issues / bereavements.
It's helped calm me and given me strength to support the people around me. I've seen some improvement in my back and digestion, and I've noticed difficult family relationships have become easier”.

July 2020

Whilst cleaning the windows I overreached and hurt myself. I thought I had trapped a nerve when a sharp pain ran down my back and hips. I found it hard to stand up. Over the weekend the pain got gradually worse, so I telephoned Paula to book a distant healing appointment for 4pm on the Monday afternoon.
Before the distant healing session I just couldn’t relax, couldn’t get comfortable so at exactly 4pm I closed my eyes and then felt calm. I felt the Psychic Surgeons working on my back and felt lots of heat too. After the 30 minute session finished, I stood up and the pain had gone!
Knowing that the healing continues for a day or two after being sent, there were times when I felt a “touch” on my back. I now feel really well and can’t thank the Psychic Surgeons and Paula enough.
J. Grateful x

Dear Paula and Psychic Surgeons I can't thank you enough for your distant healing help with my great nephew and his detached retina, when the Psychic Surgeons were with him during his operation. He can now ‘SEE AGAIN’ bless you Psychic Surgeons and Paula and also his hospital surgeon.💕😊🙏🏻

My partner has come on really well, although has problems weight wise where he puts on weight incredibly easily. And also has a real problem with his will power and self-control, but with the distant healing seems to be getting better. He had a blood test last week and he’s definitely in the normal range now for blood sugar and all the results were very good, also his blood pressure is in the normal range too. He’s looking well and a lot younger, has more energy and is generally more positive, enjoying his walks, and healthy food. So that’s great, thank you for the distant healing there.
JS Wales

First my head and neck were moved and stretched, then I could feel the work around my hips and in my tummy, then I was quite dozy during the second half of the healing. Not asleep, but sort of trance like. Allowing them to work deeply in my mind perhaps. The anxiety, depression and suppressed emotions work sound highly apt, and I do feel calmer, more balanced, and more positive. 
Mrs M. France

My Mum has found the distant healing has really helped her and she seems a lot lighter and more able to think straight. Letting go of a lot of issues the healing has helped them leave her easier. Also she is coping with bending and not getting pain with stiffness which totally floors her, where she isn’t able to do anything, the healing has really helped to shift this, this time. When doing gardening her energy was much better and she wasn’t tired the day after. I think she had been feeling her age and even though she wanted to do things, her body was letting her down. So a really big improvement there. Thank you.
L in Wales.

Thank you and the Psychic Surgeons so much for the healing this morning. I felt almost weightless as I couldn’t feel my hands and legs but a gentle tingle through my body and over my forehead and third eye. I saw a mix of greens with a tinge of orange within it, then bright emerald green along with a light blue/purple and a darker purple.
You have a beautiful gift and I am so grateful and thankful beyond words for everything that you do for everyone. 

It is truly appreciated x

June 2020
Distant Healing Feedback
Hi Paula, very excited to feel this Fridays distant healing.
I have asked for healing for my family the past 3weeks and little by little have seen changes. Admittedly, not the changes I had hoped for but instead, changes that were needed. The healing in just 3weeks has been life changing and I can only describe them as miraculous! We will be contacting you when permitted for a more specific one to one session as with the distance healing working so well, I am excited to see what a personal healing will achieve! Love and Light and heartfelt thanks from Samantha Cole x 

My son has back problems and had 2 days last week where his legs wouldn't work, they were in spasm and he was in agony. After the distant healing they did work! Amazing! He also slept for an hour and a half and now feels calmer. I am so relieved as he has been having such a difficult time in the last few months. Thank you so much Paula and the fab Psychic Surgeons! xx
Claire McGinty

                                               ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

After the distant healing for my anxiety and low mood it was, for the first time in I don’t know how long that I have a genuine calmness and feel like I’ve been given a boost to my recovery! As soon as the session started, I felt an instant wave of energy surround me and tingling up my legs that travelled through my body. I saw pastel pink, blue and purple gently swirling with a mix of yellow and green as well. I briefly opened my eyes and looked at the clock which was 11.11. I was smiling throughout the whole session. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!

I knew it was time to start the session as there was a high-pitched sound around my head. I felt a heaviness as if I were thoroughly grounding into the experience once I lay down. I felt movement inside my stomach and my digestive area. A tingling and light touches around my feet and heat down the left side of my hip and leg. I felt a lot going on around my throat in the form of clearing. A lot tingling up my nostrils I ended up sneezing a few times.

Spot on with the suppressed emotions which needed clearing and I know it’s a process here. Thank you so much x

Book Testimonial
I really enjoyed reading it...and to share your journey into healing...and to see and hear of some of the Psychic Surgeons that work through you...really amazing...and the healing that emanates from the book is wonderful...I would highly recommend this book to anyone...well worth buying...love and many blessings 
Ann Moss Metcalfe

That was wonderful! I could really feel them working in my heart. I had visions of clouds of dark smoke which gradually got lighter and went white, then an image of dark strings of emotion that connect me to past all being gathered up, then cut through. Then my heart was filled with love and light, and I was given a long hug, and heard that I can do that for myself at any time I like. It was so lovely.  
So interesting about the digestive system - I haven't been eating enough fruit and been eating too many crisps. Noted and wrist duly slapped! I have been drinking lots of water though and will keep that up. Thank you, Paula, thank you Surgeons.

Here is my experience. It started with violet light pulsing into my third eye and then energy sensations flowing into my Solar Plexus. Then pulsating light flowing into me. I felt some movements in my lower back and then Whoosh - I couldn't stop crying on and off for about five minutes. Someone was holding my hand and sending so much love and compassion that it made me cry more! Then, the work began on my body as you described. I felt they were also trying to lengthen my right leg to correct pelvis. Thank you for the wonderful help and healing you are all doing x 

May 2020
Distant Healing Feedback
Just to let you know I have felt enormous benefit from the distant healing..... you might recall I had very long term gynae bleeding 
(6 months) leading up to the healing.  Since the day of the healing a few weeks ago, I have had very, very little bleeding and now it appears to have completely stopped!  I am hoping this will continue.....  Thank you so much.

I have seen Paula many times in Dorset, but distance healing was a new thing for me.

I am so pleased that I did, as the changes have been amazing. I contacted Paula with high blood pressure and a stiff neck, I think due to the currently stressful times we are going through. I asked for help.

After my session with Paula and the Psychic Surgeons, within 2 days I was feeling so much better. During the session I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I felt more calm and my BP has dropped significantly, as has my anxiety. It has continued to be good and we are now 15 days after the session.

I never mentioned I had a problem with my right hip, I had some pain that kept me awake in the night too, however, this has gone and I now I have no pain. Paula says this area was worked on too by the Psychic Surgeons.

It's nice to feel the results of distance healing and I have booked another session this week. Thank you, Paula for your amazing work always done with love and kindness.

Pat Hodge

I felt my neck and upper back being worked on and at the back of my lungs and shoulder blade area, feels a little sore, sort of feeling at the moment. I felt various energy happening throughout too. I am feeling relaxed and tired.

I felt totally relaxed during the half hour session, and I felt warmth across my chest. It was strange as I seemed to know when you had finished and opened my eyes and saw the clock said 30 minutes later!

I was totally relaxed and, yes, aware of the Psychic Surgeons. This time I saw golden light and a bright cobalt blue and just this deep calmness and the pain of the sciatic nerve has gone. It is several hours later, and I still feel very peaceful and have no pain although naturally there is some tenderness. 

Lots of movement felt today during the distant healing session, neck, head and shoulders moved. My back, stretching muscles and the back of my thighs and around my left ankle. Emotionally around my heart chakra and in my head too! Then I was filled with beautiful white and golden light at the end.

April 2020

Distant Healing Feedback
We both felt the healing from the Psychic Surgeons as they were going on. I could feel 'warmth' in the areas that were being worked on. It is interesting that the Surgeons worked on my womb and my hormones to rebalance these. With regards to my back, spine and hip I had been experiencing pain in these areas previously so hopefully these will improve. It is pleasing that the Surgeons worked on both of our minds - we have had a great deal of anxiety/stress lately - not least regarding this awful Coronavirus situation.  So it is pleasing that our minds will 'quieten' and our anxiety reduce. From my partner he could certainly feel the Surgeons working on his neck and he is feeling an improvement already!

I felt my neck and upper back being worked on and at the back of my lungs and shoulder blade area, feels a little sore, sort of feeling at the moment. I felt various energy happening throughout too. I am feeling relaxed and tired.

I felt totally relaxed during the half hour session, and I felt warmth across my chest. It was strange as I seemed to know when you had finished and opened my eyes and saw the clock said 30 minutes later!

I felt a very hot top half of my body then cold air over me. My right shoulder felt very warm my right breast felt uncomfortable and my stomach felt uncomfortable. Feeling relaxed now.

It was weird today I thought I felt them working on my right ear I’ve not had that sensation before :)

The healing felt good. I sensed them working on my mental state and my uterus especially. I will keep you updated on how it goes and will certainly leave you a feedback, your work is amazing! Thanks for being on Earth and so connected, it's a true gift.

I was totally relaxed and, yes, aware of the Psychic Surgeons. This time I saw golden light and a bright cobalt blue and just this deep calmness and the pain of the sciatic nerve has gone. It is several hours later, and I still feel very peaceful and have no pain although naturally there is some tenderness. 

Lots of movement felt today during the distant healing session, neck, head and shoulders moved. My back, stretching muscles and the back of my thighs and around my left ankle. Emotionally around my heart chakra and in my head too! Then I was filled with beautiful white and golden light at the end.

I had a Physio session on Tuesday and my Physiotherapist was amazed at how much easier my movements in the neck were, considering the work we have done moving house and that I had not seen her for over a month! The most interesting point is that you identified the hips and gait. On Tuesday the Physio identified Trendelenburg gait which puts my right foot at a slight angle, and I tend to catch things and trip. In the next session she is going to work on the hips. It will be interesting to see what she observes. Half-way through the healing session and for no apparent reason something made me do a brief exercise I had been given moving my head from side to side. This would appear to tie in with what was being done to me. I also damaged my coccyx falling off a chair which I was using as a ladder in my early twenties!! The pain in my knees is certainly easier and the neck and left shoulder not as painful. I did become very cold during the session.

Hello, you will be pleased to know that my eczema has reduced!

I felt lots of sensations around my abdomen and down the left side of my leg and foot, something went ping! I heard the Psychic Surgeons talking too! I do feel more lighter and relaxed, I was holding onto a lot of tension around my neck area but now feels a lot less tense.

Thank you so much, very vivid today, lots going on, felt my head, chest, tummy and lower back. Feel much lighter and clearer now.

Feeling much better today with my ears thank you, I really appreciate the healing from you & the Psychic Surgeons a big thank you x

March 2020
Thank you so much for the feedback following my Mother's distant healing session earlier today. Her feedback:  She went to bed about ten minutes before the session started and got settled. She was not aware of anyone working on her because.... she fell sound asleep. 

She recalls a lovely warm feeling throughout her body, just before going to sleep and was also aware of an ache in her neck and that her left foot was sore and heavy. This was not the case when she woke up.

She told me that her head was clear, her breathing was good, and that there was no pain in her foot, or indeed anywhere else.

I read her your feedback from the healing session, and she would very much like to book another appointment.

Once again, many thanks to you and your Spirit Doctors for a truly wonder-full experience!

God Bless, ML

Dear Paula, the distant healing felt good today, I felt the Psychic Surgeons working on my mental state and in my uterus especially. Your work is amazing! Thanks for being on Earth and so connected, it’s a true gift. All my warmest regards dear Paula.
Irene in Geneva.

I was waiting to reply until this morning. After the distant healing I had one of the most comfortable night’s sleep in a long time. Obviously, the wear and tear is in the shoulder but the joints feel much easier. My wife could see an immediate change in my gait when I came downstairs and said that the strain had gone from my face and that I looked five years younger! I certainly feel that I have more energy and a more positive outlook.

I am so grateful to you and your Psychic Surgeon team for all that they have done in identifying my weaknesses. 

With very best wishes 

Chris, Devon

February 2020
Thank you so much for the info Paula and to be honest I have been quite teary today already so I guess that will carry on for a little longer.
Some feedback from me to you if that’s ok.
I felt a sense of calm from beginning to end and this is quite strange to try and explain but I had my eyes closed the whole time and could see what could be described as smoke or clouds being moved around and making shapes. At one point I did see a face from a side view exhaling air/wind (weather wind) in order to keep those shapes and clouds being moved around. I didn’t have my watch on or set an alarm of any sort, but my eyes opened as if waking up from a lovey sleep and upon checking the computer it was exactly 2.30pm and I immediately felt calmer.
Thank you, thank you for helping me today and sending much love to yourself and your Psychic Surgeons too.
Rachael x

Book feedback

I just spoke to a lady who phoned to book in with you, she hasn’t been to you before, but wants to see what its like. She said she has read your book and said it’s the best book she has ever read! Thought you would like to know that, I think that’s so nice to know.

Before I begin, can I just say that whenever I have been given healing in the past, I don't tend to feel anything at all. I just have absolute faith that the healing energies are finding their way to where they need to be, until now.
I lay down on my bed slightly before 2 o'clock offering up a prayer of gratitude to the Divine Spirit for the healing I was about to receive. When I closed my eyes, immediately, I felt my body was bathed in the most beautiful golden light. A little thought bubble began to materialise, that I wouldn't feel anything. This was soon extinguished with my affirmation:

"It is enough to know that healing energies are entering my body"

I did open my eyes very briefly on two occasions. The white bedroom wall seemed to hold the same golden glow and there were one or two golden stars that flashed very briefly. I did not have a clock in the room and after what seemed like sometime, I sat on the edge of the bed. Having been lying on my back for a while, I could feel a cough emerging.  I had a sip of water and got up and checked the time in the other bedroom. I was shocked to see that just under 15 minutes has passed!! I made a hasty retreat back to my bed, apologising profusely to all of the Spirit Doctors for walking out halfway through their healing session!!

The same golden light was there when I closed my eyes. Lying on my back, I apologised again to the Spirit Doctors for not having lain entirely flat as I do have problems lying flat on my back with my legs straight. After a while, a thought came into my head that I had to turn on my left side, which I was happy to do as for the past month, lying on my right side would induce a bout of coughing. I was aware of a pulsing in my chest and knew it was my heart. I was not alarmed in anyway. Another thought instructed me turn over on my right side, which I did slightly reluctantly given the above.  However, I did not cough!
(Before the healing earlier that morning, about 6am, I suddenly had a bout of extreme pain in the area I considered to be my right kidney.  I thought it may have been either a kidney infection, or a kidney stone.  But after two glasses of warm water, the pain wasn't as intense. When I got up later the pain had subsided somewhat, but a strong pain echo was still there for most of the morning.)
Since my distant healing session with the Spirit Doctors, the pain has not returned. Also, the feeling of general unwellness that began late December 2019, which I can only describe as "yucky" has not returned since my healing session. I do feel more clear headed and not as tried or lethargic, although I am not about to leap into action and give my house an early spring clean just yet...
My heartfelt thanks to you Paula and your Spirit Surgeons.

Love and Light Wendy L. Wales x
I have just had a wonderful, wonderful healing from Paula and the Psychic Surgeons. I feel quite emotional it was just heaven, I don’t know heaven, but it was just so exquisite it was wonderful I can’t explain it, you have to experience it yourself. It makes me want to come back for another treatment because every time I come for a healing it’s been a different experience every time.

I couldn’t recommend Paula enough she is so so lovely, so true to herself, and so true to her Psychic Surgeons, it is beautiful. 

If you are ever thinking of having a healing from her don’t delay, just go for it.

Leanne in Ferndown, Dorset

The latest 5* review to be posted on Amazon of my book, Journal of a Psychic Surgeon;
"An amazing story of Healing Hands that will blow you away.

What a great book. I truly believe this form of healing will be rolled out across the world and Paula will be at the forefront of this. Its such an easy read, loved it and was inspired."

I just wanted to feedback some things that have happened. As you know, for years I have experienced endometriosis/adenomyosis with heavy blood loss and a particularly painful ovarian cyst. At the start of December 2019 I was very unwell for around a week, I thought at first it was just a very painful, heavy period, my period started 11 days early too!
After this ended, I then felt really well throughout the rest of December and my period after this in January 2020 was much more manageable.

But the best thing is, after a scan last week, I have been told there is no trace of the ovarian cyst anymore! I must have had that cyst on my left ovary for at least 6 years!

I can’t thank you and the Psychic Surgeons enough for what you have done, and all carried out with distant healing sessions.

With best wishes AG.

January 2020
Book review from Amazon, Germany!

Once I started, I couldn't put this captivating book down until I finished it! The impressive portrayal of the author's spiritual development and her way of healing people with the help of Psychic Surgeons is vividly supported by drawings and photos. I hope for more books from her in the future!

Ms U.S.

Having read your book. I was drawn to you instantly and the remote surgery you allowed your surgeons to perform has been immense. Thank you so much for your help. There has been an enormous amount of improvement. Thank you Paula and your Surgeons. Love & light xx

Janet Case.

Thank you and the Team so very much for the healing again today Paula. ️

I felt very relaxed and in the zone about an hour before the distant healing even began and asked in my head could particular work be done on my legs? As I have been quite worried about them (pain circulation veins swelling & mobility due to fibro) and then generally all over mobility and pain wise.

I once again felt work being done in my head and felt deeply peaceful and low pain all over, which was lovely in itself, because just as soon as the healing was completed I had to go back up to the hospital for my womb follow up scan. 

And guess what?....All clear on the womb...nothing to worry about no further action!

If I can kick the pain mobility, and bladder / kidney related issues into touch I'm on the home run.

This entirely is credit down to your work and the Psychic Surgeons, by wading through the list of ailments I am gradually getting the chance for my body to take over and regain some semblance of health again.

I am so delighted that my instincts led me to you and the Team and that we can keep this ball rolling so I can get back up on my feet which I now believe is entirely possible.

Wishing you so much love.


December 2019

Another 5 star book review on Amazon!
You won't want to put it down!
This book was an incredible read. From the moment I started it I could not put it down. It was interesting to get an insight into Paula's work and has left me intrigued to try a distance healing for myself. Thank you Paula for sharing this with us. 

5 star book review from Amazon
"I spent the whole day quietly reading this wonderful book. Having met Paula on many occasions, I could hear her saying a lot of these things in the book, see her laughing at points mentioned and can imagine the look of astonishment on her face as her life has changed over the years. Now I just want to read it again, for the pleasure of having some insight into this wonderful soul and her Psychic Surgeons".

November 2019

Distant Healing

Hi Paula

Thank you so so much and the Psychic Surgeons for the fantastic healing... it was amazing and I am feeling so much lighter and at peace.   I felt a lot of anxiety lift off me and my head and body felt free, joyful and so much peace.  I had lots of tears rolling down my face most of the way through the healing session and saw all my family and close friends who had passed over, which brought great joy.  My digestive system has been very slow so I am very grateful for the work.  My lower back pain got more for a while and then the pain started to fade.  My body shivered all the way through and I felt energy and light inside my whole body lifting me and my mind.  I think there is sadness and anxiety and when it goes I feel like a new person and very serene and peaceful!  

I so appreciate your help and the wonderful gift you have.

Allison in Spain

Thank you so much dear Paula for everything, this feedback was SO accurate!

I could feel the Surgeons working on the areas you told me about, especially on the heart and the womb. I do not know how to thank you all for your help. I feel lighter in my head and wanting to laugh!

Let's hope this stress will reduce... The healing felt really good, I will drink a lot this afternoon to let it all sink in. Thank you for helping me here, all my blessings to you all.

Irene. Dublin

Distant Healing

Hello Paula wow that felt amazing. Lots of heat in stomach & chest area about half way through there was a massive surge of heat in my womb area. You are right about the depression as it’s been unlike anything I’ve had before so I’m glad to hear there was nothing to clear. Yes I’m sure there was plenty to clear from my heart chakra with supressed emotions. I actually felt a sensation in the back of my neck a few times. Yes, my immune system needed healing too.

That was fantastic I definitely feel different.

Thank you for the detailed e mail of issues they dealt with its very interesting.

Will keep in touch. Thankyou!!!!

JH Wales

Hi Paula,

Just wanted to let you know that whilst the Psychic Surgeons were working on my physical ailments. Your hands were above my head, brightened the colours behind my closed eyelids, (Gold, purples mauves pinks greens & blues). Pressure was felt in my ears & between my eyebrows and my nose twitched and cleared. My index finger on left hand wiggled, my third eye showed me swirls of wonderful energies. My throat felt manipulated and my right lip curled up into a proper smile! (not the usual lopsided one lol)

Shoulder and ankle pain eased, please thank them all & thank you too.

Jennie Garrett

Thank you very much for the second healing.  I can tell by looking at my back that my spine has significantly straightened!  I also work with a team of healers in spirit form. I am a healer and a Channel and they did some work on my back, and my back had healed about 30%.  I asked my spirit guides if my back would completely heal? And I was advised to seek out another Psychic Surgery Healer to work on me.  I don’t know why but I followed the instructions.  I did a You tube search on psychic surgery and found you! 
Best wishes DB. USA

I just had to update you, I cannot believe that I can walk nearly 15 mins now with no pain! This is amazing as normally 5 minutes is the maximum for me and I cannot move for the pain. I cannot thank you All enough for the work you have done on my arteries, as the hospital said they were badly blocked and I would probably never be able to walk normally again! So even these 15 minutes are monumental for me xx, I am so excited to be able to walk a bit better and to be able to walk again, words cannot express that feeling.  I cannot wait to get out again you have given me so much hope.Thank you :) 
GH Basingstoke.

October 2019

Thank you for your healing today and your Team. It is one of the best healings I have had!
I am so impressed with you and your care.
Jacky in High Wycombe

September 2019

25th September 2019

Dear Paula and all the Team,
I want to thank you for a lovely distant healing session yesterday. I had been suffering from traveller’s tummy for a week and yesterday morning it was especially uncomfortable, and I felt pretty poorly.

I am so pleased to say that I felt better immediately after my distance healing session yesterday, and I’m feeling fantastic today!  It is all too easy to forget how being “well” feels, but now I remember!
Angie Oxfordshire x

From the moment I came here to see Paula and the Psychic Surgeons, I was worried I could not lie down on the treatment table due to my condition. You assured me that I would not suffer any vertigo symptoms, and I did not, and I have not from that moment on!

Whatever situation I find myself in I have no vertigo whatsoever! To have had my spine manipulated was an amazing experience, I felt the love of the Psychic Surgeons as I could feel the treatment being done, particularly on my pelvis and in every part of my body. I have arthritis in my hands and I was encouraged to spread my hands out during the healing session and I have no pain. As I get up off this treatment table my back feels straight and I feel very grateful and humbled and in awe of the Surgeons and feeling the love of them it is a wonderful, wonderful experience.
Thank you Pat Machin, Dorset

August 2019

Book Testimonial
A patient based in America, comments on my book, 
“I’m loving your book, you’re a good writer, (I’ve written books too), it takes a LOT of work 
to write a good book”.

Thank you for helping me, you have been amazing and are truly gifted. I know you say it's the Psychic Surgeons working through you but from my experience, it takes a special type of Soul to allow that work to happen through them. Much love and blessings,
DC Somerset.

Hi Paula and the Psychic Surgeons,
I had some healing from you at the healing weekend. I just wanted to say “thank you” to you and your Team for the healing. Exactly what you said, the healing carried on for a week!

I have never ever felt so calm in my daily life. Anxiety was hugely reduced and this new found confidence took it’s place. I also ordered your book through Amazon which came later that day. It’s rekindled my love of Spirit and my spiritual journey. Very genuine lady and your story I can resonate with. Anyway, just wanted to show gratitude. It’s the best healing I’ve ever had, great release. Just can’t get over how much my mind feels so much calmer. Take care and once again, thank you.
Semira Kiss.

July 2019
“I recently had a healing session with Paula in Newport MBS fayre, and a couple of weeks later a distant healing session. I had been suffering with Periodontitis as a result of poor dentistry. This has meant constant discomfort daily, and cannot be cured, only managed! I read Paula’s book at Xmas and knew I needed to see her. I was lucky enough to get an appointment locally.
It was unlike any form of healing I’ve ever tried!  I could feel energy being moved in my face and other parts of my body and I felt extremely calm.

To cut a long story short afterwards I was free of pain and felt so deeply relaxed and lighter. I had a distant healing session 2 weeks later and again felt well, calm and free of pain which has been an absolute blessing. My deepest thanks to Paula and her team of Surgeons. What they do is remarkable and way beyond other forms of healing. 
With love and gratitude, Bridgit. Chepstow, Wales.”

An inspiring book.
For those who have doubts about following personal and inherent guidance, this book will indeed help.
It is not an easy path at times and, yes, it does become lonely and a bit scary, however, that path always delivers in the end and faith and trust in yourself and through the 'spirit that assists and guides' brings its own magic and sense of well-being.
Enjoy and be inspired by this account of Paula's personal and unique journey.

June 2019

What a very interesting read. It was everything I thought it would be and more. I was so gripped by Paula's real life story that I read more than I planned the first time and it was well past my bedtime before I would put it down! I couldn't resist having some Psychic Surgery myself from Paula and the Psychic Surgeons as I was about to go through a major operation, the removal of a huge ovarian cyst plus a hysterectomy.
Prior to my hospital operation I had a distant healing session from the Psychic Surgeons as I was told that the scan revealed something that I hoped it wasn't, although they wouldn't know for sure until they operated on me. I kept positive and had great faith that all would be well.
The evening after my operation the hospital Surgeon revealed that the operation had gone better than expected and nothing untoward was found (much to my relief!) She also said that they wouldn't know for sure until the results had come back from the lab. I booked two further distant healing sessions with the Psychic Surgeons.

Well, my recovery was really fast, and I feel absolutely fantastic and even more so today, as my results have revealed a load of positives and taken any niggling doubts away. Thank you so much Paula and The Psychic Surgeons, I am totally convinced that your help played a big part in my brilliant recovery. Linda, Wales.


May 2019
Distant healing
Within an hour of today's session, we went out to lunch. As I crossed the road, I felt about ten years younger! There was a spring in my step, I could look both ways ‘SEE’ clearly and cross the road with confidence.  In the pub I could walk down the stairs without using the handrail and carrying two full glasses. To sum up: since the treatment I can work and walk quickly without fatigue and think straight. What a joy to go from A to B without someone saying, "Can I help you?" I am standing straighter and my head doesn’t droop anymore. The music that I play now has more “zip” in it! Whatever has been bottled up inside me fermenting and stagnating is now draining away, thank you. 
Kind regards B. Williams. 85 years Sussex

                                                                                               ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~   

Hi Paula, In April I had a 30-minute healing session with you for a second time at the West Wales Health Being Show. I have been meaning to write a review of your book on Amazon since but wanted to give it the time it deserved. I've since read the book again and have now posted a review on Amazon. Your journey has been amazing and in such a short space of time!
I'd just like to feedback on the healing session too, which you are welcome to use. I came to you at the second session hoping to have an embarrassing complaint sorted. I have had excessive sweating under my arms since being a teenager and it has been crippling, not being able to wear what I have wanted, and always having to cover up. The Psychic Surgeons gave me healing which felt wonderful, with lots of tingling waves throughout the 30-minute session and was told by you they had rebalanced my hormones. You also recommended a specific deodorant. I'd just like to say that since I've started using it, the sweating is no more! I can actually wear different clothes and not be embarrassed about under my arms. It is just the beginning but has made such a difference to my confidence. It has been in the nick of time as I have started dating someone and it was ok over the winter, but I was dreading the summer. Thank you so much. You are ALL amazing.
Love and Best Wishes, L Walker.
Thank you very much to Paula and the Psychic Surgeons for making me feel brighter after just one 30 minute healing session. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome when I was just 18 and I am now 44. I have continued to feel brighter since the session and have been able to do more and enjoy more in my life! Now, I have returned to see the Psychic Surgeons after 6 months for a second healing session, which has felt good for me again. In between the healing sessions I have read and used Paula's book, "Journal of a Psychic Surgeon" with it's healing energy from the Surgeon's to help keep the healing going.
Thank you again from Joanne Walker, Neyland, Wales.

                                            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have had some very profound distant healing sessions with Paula and the Psychic Surgeons.
I was surprised at how much you can feel the work happening, like flushes of warmth and sensations. At some sessions I get so relaxed that I fall asleep. 
I’m also very grateful for the guidance Paula provided when my Mother recently passed away. To know that my Mother was surrounded by love, is such a big comfort to us. 

It’s amazing how illnesses of all kinds are being picked up by the Psychic Surgeons, without even mentioning about it. Very grateful! Thank you, Paula!
Charlotte xx
In Amsterdam

April 2019 
A book testimonial from Canada
If you are interested in psychic surgery healing, you will love this book! Thank you Paula for making it an easy read. It definitely touched my heart in so many ways. God bless you and all the doctors.

                                                                 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank you so much Paula for the healing today, it was an amazing experience
and I would definitely recommend it to everyone.
Loved your book and cannot wait for another one xx

Carol Janes

March 2019
 Distant Healing for Anxiety & OCD

Hi Paula, Wow! I didn't know what to expect but I can't believe what I felt.
I felt lots of tingling in various areas at different times and at certain points I felt hot and cold.
What I found more amazing was that at different points it would feel that whatever was running through my mind or what I was seeing would stop as if frozen. It would then start again but it felt as if there had been a change and something (someone) new had started. Towards the end and with what felt strongest was a blue light.

My family first told me about you a few months ago and gave me your book, but until now I didn't feel I was at the right stage to contact you.  Sooo glad I did as already I feel a sense of focus and openness that I've been struggling with. I could go on for ages but for now THANK YOU.
Gemma, Bristol xx

January 2019 
Hello Paula! Thank you for my lovely healing sessions with the Psychic Surgeons 🙏 After tripping over my dog last year (April) and wrenching my neck and shoulder, I was most uncomfortable and in a lot of pain. I paid for many private physio sessions to try and help me, but the relief was very short lived - only a day or two at the most. Two sessions with you and the Psychic Surgeon and I am pain free and have been for a month!

I can't begin to tell you what a relief it is to be able to get a decent night's sleep again! Thank you, and the Psychic Surgeons, for helping. You're all AMAZING! Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Lots of love & Blessings, from Catherine Peiro

                                                                           ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hi Paula, a massive thank you to you and the Psychic Surgeons for the healing I received before Christmas on my lower lip.
One day last October 2018 I was driving and my daughter said my lip was bleeding. It bled non-stop for six hours and then a lump appeared and grew at a very rapid rate. 
The photo below was taken 3 weeks after the cyst started forming. The doctor scheduled surgery but my appointment was not until the following February 2019. Meanwhile it grew so big the cyst weighed down on my lower lip and it bled constantly.

I was out of work and couldn’t go to interviews, I had a Christmas temp job but they told me not to come back because of the bleeding. I stopped going out as people would stare.  I had to drink through a straw and would wake in the night with my pillow covered in blood.  I was tired and stressed and then I remembered you. 

By a remarkable coincidence you were coming to a town near me the day I called to make an appointment and you kindly offered to stay late and see me. I had a half hour healing session and you said it would fall off. The next day I spent in bed exhausted, the cyst swelled up massive and finally at about 8pm exploded! Once I mopped it all up there was nothing there! Not even a scar.
Bless you and the work you do.
Many thanks

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hi Paula, Happy New Year to you! I’ve just finished reading your wonderful book. I couldn’t put it down and will be ordering more copies for family. Your story is moving and fascinating and your warmth and smile shine through each page. I felt the kindness coming from the Psychic Surgeons pictures. They have such lovely kind faces, drawn so beautifully.
I met you briefly at the Mind, Body, Spirit show in Chepstow back in October 2018. My partner is the biggest sceptic and suffers with achy joints, especially his ankles and hands. Whilst I was giving him Reiki recently, I placed your book on pages 36/37 over his ankles and he said he could feel heat coming from the book and his ankles felt better afterwards! Amazing! The work you do together with the Surgeons is amazing, especially in a world with so much suffering, the results speak for themselves. Well done Paula for being such a great channel for their healing energy.

Many thanks and best wishes, with love from Bridget, Chepstow.

December 2018
Neck Injury & Headaches
When I first came to see Paula, I was suffering each morning from daily headaches, sometimes waking me up in the early hours of the morning, but generally at about 6.00am. They had started over five years ago and after seeing various mainstream and homeopathic specialists, the conclusion was that the headaches had been triggered by a prolonged stressful time in my life. This anxiety then caused the pain to go to the weakest part of my body - in my case my neck - following an injury from a Road Traffic Accident 40 years ago. This is known as the Pain Gate Theory - a condition which was never discussed by the neurologist or orthopaedic specialist I saw!

I found the sessions with Paula and the Psychic Surgeons relaxing and fascinating at the same time! The muscles in my neck and shoulders reacted in such a way that sometimes my arms would jerk up and stay there, rather like a puppet! My head would gently pull up from my chin and down again and my shoulders would shake and then relax. Such strong messages that my body was being moved by the Psychic Surgeons! I would often find myself smiling or laughing at the actions taking place - knowing they were absolutely nothing to do with me!
After a few sessions with Paula and her spiritual Psychic Surgeons, I now sleep through until 7.00am or later and have greatly reduced pain. I have also been able to drastically reduce the dose of the neurological drug I have been on. 

I am incredibly grateful to Paula for sharing the gifts she has been given. She is such a sincere and gentle person herself and always made me feel relaxed and safe. A sincere thank you to Paula and those Psychic Surgeons who work through her. 
Lyn Perry 

I first met Paula and the Psychic Surgeons after breaking my leg. I had nerve damage in my toes, which thanks to the healing I have received have completely healed.

I also noticed a huge difference in my anxiety levels which I had after multiple bereavements. The healing has created a really positive change to my life and I am filled with gratitude at finding Paula and her Psychic Surgeons, as my overall health has so improved.

Thank you, Juliet.



November 2018

Book Testimonial

Hi Paula, I ordered your book last week and it arrived yesterday, I am a useless reader, just need it to be so quiet, but the book arrived at 5.30pm last night and I finished it at lunchtime! I couldn’t put it down! And afterwards my speech seemed to be clearer, so don’t know if this helped? Great book. Can’t wait to meet you.
Thanks, Sue Wright.
                                                           ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Hi my name is Carina we met at the West Wales health show yesterday where I had a session of psychic surgery with you. I just wanted to report that waking up for the first time in about 6 months with a clear head, positive outlook and more importantly no pains or swellings in my lymph glands!
To anyone thinking about this I would completely recommend you and I will be in contact for a distance healing session.
Many thanks Paula and your Psychic Surgeons!

                                           ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I first encountered Paula at a mind, body and spirit day. I had been widowed for 10 months and asked Paula for help in moving through the grieving process. Also, my mind was constantly on high alert, desperately seeking distraction from grief and worrying that the world could collapse around me (again) at any given moment. I wondered how on earth I could lie still for 30 minutes. 
The 30 minutes passed in a peaceful haze. It was the first time I had relaxed, without the aid of gin, in 10 months. Most amazingly, two days later, I felt a tingling sensation over my scalp, which passed down my body. “What’s this?” I asked myself. “Relief” came the answer. Then wave after wave of sheer, wonderful relief cascaded through my entire being. It was utter bliss.

I thank Paula for enabling me to lay down the heavy burden of grief so that I can begin to build my new life, turning loneliness into freedom and independence. I do this to honour my late husband and the love we shared, not to forget. Many thanks.
Sarah, Cardiff

October 2018
Hello Paula
Just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you so much for my wonderful treatment at Cornbury clinic. My IBS which I have suffered with for years, has been so much better this week, in-fact I haven’t had any problems with IBS at all!! So wonderful. The first three days after the healing session, I did have lots of wind, which I guess was my stomach readjusting and releasing but absolutely no IBS and it has been a stressful week, so usually it would have been an issue for me. Thank you so much. I have thanked the Surgeons many times this week. 
Also, this was interesting, when I got in my car after the treatment, I couldn’t have my radio on, had to have silence, whilst I thanked the Psychic Surgeons over and over and literally just babbled (best way to describe it) to myself for at least ten minutes on the drive home. The words just kept coming out and wouldn’t stop! I’m thinking this was the clearing of my throat chakra!
So looking forward to my next session!  
Lucie x
                                                             ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I had a wonderful session of psychic surgery with Paula yesterday (26.09.18) ....I’m taken aback. My knee pain has gone, my head is so much clearer today. So much more focus... I cannot recommend enough.
Jo Dutfield, Taunton Somerset

September 2018

Hi Paula, I thought you'd be interested to know after my recent healing session that, after you said that the Psychic Surgeons were working on my womb/pelvic area, I went to my GP and was diagnosed with endometriosis and bowel and bladder problems. So the Surgeons were spot on x
Jenny Gray.

August 2018

Distant Healing.
Thank you very much. The distant healing was just the same as if I had been with you in person! Amazing. I could feel the Psychic Surgeons working in the area of my heart a lot. Then my neck, shoulders and back. At one point my head dropped to my chest as though I had been hypnotised and when I came back up it was exactly as if I felt lighter and brighter, and I too felt that the Surgeons were asking my subconscious to let go of past hurt. I was seated and my feet lifted from the floor, and I had a strong sense of cleansing pouring from the soles of my feet. Finally, my chest was pulled forward and shoulders back as though someone had a string attached to the centre of my bra! It was like I was bursting out of a constricting vest or corset, then a bolt of light to my heart chakra and throat. I could tell when it was over too. I thanked the Surgeons and asked them to give you a hug from me. I am so honoured too. It is still astonishing to me - I suppose that's my rational logical mind working to believe what it thinks is unbelievable! Very special. Thank you x
R.M. France

July 2018

1st July 2018
My husband, Bill, would like to experience a distance healing session - first time.  He has a kidney stone in his left kidney and despite hospital treatment (three attempts at zapping) reducing its size, it has not been disintegrated and the NHS are unable to offer more of the same and might elect surgery which he wishes to avoid if at all possible.  Next scan due 17 July.
Distant healing session sent to Bill on 10th July 2018.

I want to thank you for your collective treatment on 10 July and let you know how things are now. Following 3 rounds of kidney stone ultrasound zapping in March, May, June and your remote session on 10 July, the CT scan that I had on 17 July revealed only two small insignificant fragments (2mm) remaining in my left kidney of the original stone from February, which was 7mm across.

Thank you and all who worked with you on that occasion for contributing to this positive outcome.
Regards, Bill. Wiltshire.

                                     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Having always been an active person I noticed over the last few years my mobility was deteriorating. By the age of 69 I struggled with walking and had to grab my door frame to haul myself in or to climb the stairs. My whole body hurt. As a therapist myself, I could regularly work on myself but with no lasting effect. I knew something was very wrong but didn’t know what.
I have been seeing a chiropractor about 4 times a year and he has always worked well for me. However, they only work structurally, i.e. on bone, and as his adjustments were no longer solving all my problems I knew that I had to look beyond bone. I also have homeopathic treatments.

My instincts told me to come to you – you were most definitely my last resort.
After my 1st one-hour session with Paula and the Psychic Surgeons, I felt ‘them’ pressing inside on my coccyx where I instinctively felt there was a problem. And ‘the Surgeons’ pushed hard on my ribs. Afterwards I was aware that I was standing more upright. I’d known I was stooping and practised exercises but to no avail. I was able to walk in home without grabbing the door frame – the burning feeling in my hip flexors had gone! Two days after the healing I was walking unaided up sets of outdoor concrete steps!
My second session was very different where the whole of the right side of my body felt clamped, shoulder to toe. No more sciatic type pain on that side now! My whole body did ache for about a week, but I put that down to soft tissue having to adjust to the realignment from the Psychic Surgeons.
My third session was very different again. I had told Paula I felt restriction in my mobility in my pelvic area and lower back (this had been ongoing for some years). The first week after the healing session was strange as I felt my legs were further apart – an adjustment to my gait!
I feel so much better physically, mentally, and emotionally (not that I would have said I had any problems other than physical).
Paula and the Psychic Surgeons gave me hope. The first few weeks I was thanking them virtually every minute of the day, and still do several times a day.
Much love and blessings to you all.
Val (Hampshire) xxx
                                                           ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Northern Lights
Having received healing from Paula and the Psychic Surgeons I wanted to share with you my experience and describe the most amazing and vivid colours I see during a healing session.

At first when it starts in my mind there is nothing, it’s like a blank screen, I call it my mind’s eye. As Paula works over me, I start getting activity I can see swathes of colour rather like clouds or like looking at the moon through clouds. Then I start to see a very purple colour but not vivid. Then when the healing really starts, there are swathes of the colour yellow turning to green turning to white, wafting across my mind and then disappearing, sometimes not too quickly, other times sporadically. Then when there is a lot of activity, a lot of colours come in and it appears to me to be like the Northern Lights, that’s the only way I can describe it. The colours come and go from a large splash of colour that swirls around and then disappears, getting smaller then another colour will come in, that’s when there is a lot of healing activity. At this point the colours are so vivid in my mind, like nothing I have seen before, they are iridescent.  I feel the heat in my feet rising up my legs and up my body. My mind is clearer and lighter and brighter after the healing session finishes.
If I didn’t believe in the healing, I wouldn’t be here, it does me good and I’m/was a sceptic.
LT New Milton, Hampshire


June 2018

Paula Jackson and the Amazing Psychic Surgeons
Just two days before Christmas 2017 at the age of 72, I had slipped near the big freezer cabinets in our local supermarket, resulting in four fractures to my left shoulder. The way in which I fell I also damaged the whole of my left arm and hand. The pain was incredible, and I lost complete use of my left arm and hand for months. I was also unable to move the top half of my righthand side due to the trauma of the fall. The hospital told me it was a very bad injury.
My first visit to Paula and the Psychic Surgeons was on March 6th 2018.
When I first went to see Paula, I had great difficulty lying down there, but she made me comfortable with extra support. During the healing I was aware of movement going on in my body, but absolutely no pain at all. I was extremely tired on arriving home and slept for four hours. The next 4/5 days I was like a dormouse, sleeping all the time. After just one treatment I could feel an improvement.
On the 11th April I was visiting Paula again for healing from the amazing Team. I have had two more healing sessions since then and I can now do more with my left arm than the fracture clinic and the physio said I could ever do! I was in fact discharged on May 10th from the fracture clinic and physiotherapy dept.
I continue to go to see Paula and the Psychic Surgeons and have my healing for the trauma I suffered as it had not stopped with my arm injury from the accident. Trauma causes all sorts of imbalances in the mind especially stress, together with neurological issues and this awesome Team are still adjusting and repairing me. I don’t sleep for hours now after the healing session, I just feel very relaxed.

I can never find the words to thank them all from the bottom of my heart, I really felt at the time of the fall that my life was over. I thank them every day. I can now honestly say I am feeling great
I love them all. Thank you, Paula and the Team of Psychic Surgeons.
Jan, West Moors, Dorset
                                     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What can I say about Paula? Well, I've known Paula for about 3yrs after meeting her at a Mind Body Spirit Fayre and was just drawn to her beaming smile and sense of such calming energy that just radiated outward. After being diagnosed with high blood sugar in April of this year and having felt pretty rough for months leading up to finding this out, I went to see Paula for a treatment at an event in Newport, Wales. Immediately I knew I was in safe hands and Paula certainly didn't disappoint, along with her Psychic Surgeons they set to work. During the time the treatment took I was aware of energy shifting and after they had finished I felt an improvement. Days after that, improvement continued and now I'm so much better than I was. Thank you, Paula, you are truly a gifted person and it is a blessing to know you.
Steve in Cardiff.

May 2018
I had the pleasure of receiving healing from Paula and her team of Surgeons less than a week ago. Having had pain down my right leg and in my lumbar area for quite some time now, Paula and her team set to work with their magical healing. I am now pain free down my leg, and other than some slight stiffness in my lumbar region, but I confess that's due to me cutting 2 lawns one night with a petrol mower, so hands up on my part. My back is also pain free and freer in movement. I would like to thank Paula and her team of Surgeons for restoring balance back into my life. I wish them well on the next leg of their journey. Please check this lady out, she has delivered some fantastic healing to me with her team.
Elizabeth Oztas, Devon

April 2018
This lady continues to amaze me! Paula is surrounded with beautiful, happy energy. Thank you for another incredible treatment Paula! I feel fantastic!
I would highly recommend anyone to see her who may be in need of uplifting, rebalancing, sense of direction, suffering from pain or discomfort or wants to clear their 'brain fog'. Don't knock it till you've tried it!
Nicky West. Devon.
Hello Paula, I have something amazing to tell you! I’ve been to see you 3 times for Psychic Surgeon healing for headaches from a neck injury. This week I had NHS injections into my neck joints which haven’t worked and the pain is worse! But this morning (17.3.18) when I woke up, it was as if I was having a treatment with you and the Psychic Surgeons! My arms were being elevated and my neck and shoulders were being moved. It was very comforting and emotional. Quite unbelievable eh? I am feeling a lot better and the pain is much less. With warm wishes,
Lyn Perry Christchurch

In the last 5 months I've suffered two varieties of flu followed by a series of UTI infections. Knowing Paula was to be healing at the Mind, Body & Spirit Fayre... yesterday, I decided I needed help. Paula was amazing, we chatted about my issues and then she proceeded to bring in her wonderful psychic surgeons. Well I could feel all the wonderful energies helping me inside. Head, heart, solar plexus and sacral. Also, my back and neck. Paula confirmed with her surgeons that my immune system was so weak due to the viruses!!! Well last night Paula thanks to you, I had the best night sleep in weeks. Tummy less bloated and not painful, feeling emotionally better and a more positive mindset. What else could I wish for on Mothers Day, but to have this unique healing. Paula you are a star, with a heart so full of love. Thank you for helping me to feel well again.
Carol Green.
Paula thank you so much for my healing on Tuesday was amazing.  I feel so more relaxed up Brighter and I could feel a very hot head from my head down to my feet and I could see lots of colours like pink, purple, gold, felt hands on my back. This is so amazing and what was so strange just before I started to write this a photo came up of John of God! Wow took me back it was one of your photos Paula only for second saw it. You are such an amazing lady thank so much god bless.
Denise Wiggins. London.
Hi, Just to let you know Feeling good after seeing you this week and the pain has gone in my arm. Thank you. x
Val Bradley, Dorset.

March 2018
I’ve been having regular healing sessions with Paula and the Psychic Surgeons for a knee injury I incurred 6 months ago.
I was told by my hospital Consultant that surgery was my only option, however, I decided to go against his advice and focus on an integrative approach to my health, which included treatment with the Psychic Surgeons through a lovely lady called Paula, I have distant healing and also one-to-one with Paula at one of her clinics.
My progress although slow, has been a steady progress over the past few months, I am now able to walk more each week even though it's short distances and now use stairs, this was impossible a few months ago, I had to rely on being pushed in a wheelchair if I went out!
Paula has a wonderful energy and takes great care in explaining to you what the Psychic Surgeons are working on in the body as they work on the whole aspect of your mind, body and spirit. They help clear mental blockages and emotions that may be stored before working on the physical. I can feel my body being stretched and moved but the Surgeons are very gentle when placing each limb back down onto the table.
I am truly grateful to the Psychic Surgeons and Paula for helping me on this healing journey that I’ve embarked on, the Surgeons have shown me exercises to do for my knee, (they are very clever) and I know in time I will be back to walking at full speed again!! Thanks again guys, Keep up the good work!
Nikki – Holycombe clinic

January 2018
I started seeing Paula in June 2017 as last November 2016, I was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, with a prognosis of approximately 3 months. I also have a broken back and diabetes. Hospital surgery on the cancer was impossible because on both my legs I had wide open sores. In the 5 treatments that I have received from the Psychic Surgeons I have come on in leaps and bounds, my legs have nearly healed, which in fact they shouldn’t be, as they told me because of the cancer everything just falls apart. My back is getting better bar one vertebrae and I now have more mobility and have progressed from an electric wheelchair to using a walker. Paula and the Psychic Surgeons have given me my independence back. Everyone (medical staff) are very surprised at my improved condition as they have said I shouldn’t ‘be here’. But I am still here! I am having a CT scan in January 2018 and will let Paula know how I get on. Mentally I feel so much better. I am looking forward to this Christmas with all my grandchildren. Thank you.
Liz Buss Ferndown Dorset

Dear Paula I have been suffering with a bad back and neck condition for the last 8 years, to the point where I was unable to move my neck to look either left or right. After several treatments with the Psychic Surgeons I am now able to comfortably move my neck to the right without having to turn my body. I am absolutely thrilled to bits with the help and healing from the Psychic Surgeons I feel like a miracle has happened. My back is a lot better and this has enabled me to continue with my DIY. I also had a hernia condition/surgery and the Surgeons have speeded up the recovery in this area. In addition I had facial and head swelling and this has now be reduced considerably. My knuckles have also been worked on by the Psychic Surgeons and my hands which were swollen are now back to their normal size. Thank you so much.
Peter in Bournemouth

I have been seeing Paula and the Psychic Surgeons for a number of treatments now. My situation is that I have extreme nerve damage in my back and also fibromyalgia. When I first came to see Paula I had dreadful sciatica for years and after only just a couple of treatments has now settled down and my fibromyalgia is less painful. I have seen visually, the Psychic Surgeons working on me during my healing sessions. Today I had a treatment and I felt myself being lifted off the treatment bed. I am absolutely over the moon with my treatments with the Psychic Surgeons because it has made a huge difference not only to my anxiety and depression but all the different ailments that I have. I can highly recommend Paula to anyone that would like a treatment. You go for it.
Lindy, Poole Dorset.
 December 2017
Since receiving healing from Paula and the Psychic Surgeons my life has changed! The healing began for a physical condition after breaking my leg. After several sessions the damaged nerves in my feet have been restored. Also, the grief I felt over bereavements and the anxiety connected to them have lifted. My belief in the Spirit world and God have been restored and my sense of trust with it. I am deeply thankful to Paula and her Psychic Surgeons.
JG. Bradford on Avon

October 2017
I have been having distant healing with Paula for over 3 years now on a regular basis. I find the treatment very powerful and effective.   It's like ‘buzz’ running through the body as the Psychic Surgeons work on me.  It always hits the spot where I need it the most, and not always where I thought!  Paula is a very compassionate lady who follows up the distant healing with an email outlining the treatment given. I would thoroughly recommend her services to all. It is affordable, authentic and highly effective. The real deal!
Billee Saade, Isle of Man.

I am thrilled that I found Paula Jackson whilst online, I was looking for a Reiki practitioner but found Paula's details at Holycombe Retreat instead.
I was intrigued about her work through the Psychic Surgeons. I knew I was being guided to visit her, so I thought I will give this a try!
From the minute I walked in the door I could feel a lovely energy from Paula and felt safe and comfortable. She is a warm, kind lady and I knew I had made the right decision.
I have quite a few physical issues with my body and each time I have a treatment I feel better and more connected at a deeper level.
What's very clever about these Surgeons is that they not only work on one part of the body but scan you to see what else needs working on and away they go.
I injured my knee quite badly a few months ago and from having these healing sessions my knee is showing progress and I can walk a few more steps each day. I was unable to use stairs and now I can manage them slowly.
I am currently abroad and have been receiving distance healing from Paula and it amazes me, how I feel such a strong energy and know and feel the Psychic Surgeons working on my body, my whole body mentally and physically.
I always feel lighter and brighter and sleep well after a treatment. I highly recommend a visit to experience the amazing Psychic Surgeons work on your body through Paula's hands.
Thank you, Paula and Surgeons, for making my life so much easier and I look forward to my next visit and know I will make even more progress 😊
In gratitude Nikki (Oxfordshire)

Distant healing
Thank you, and to the doctors too.   Do you have a lady doctor in the group?   Thought I saw one.
As always, I was very aware of the work done on me as they moved around. I thought my right arm was getting attention at one point.  About 30 years ago I tore the ligaments in my right ankle so they must have found when scanning me, that the area needed work. I look forward to feeling the benefits as it all settles down in a day or two. Your treatments, with the doctors, help to keep me going, are very effective, and I am very pleased to have found you.
Many thanks Lesley Wickham Wales

September 2017
“I was suffering with a frozen shoulder for nearly two years, and it was affecting my work doing general building maintenance. My daughter suggested making an appointment with Paula and being a sceptic, I reluctantly agreed. From just one treatment the difference she made to my shoulder was absolutely amazing, and I can now raise my arm above my head and hold a drill horizontally, which I could not do before!”
Tony Randall, Dorset


August 2017

Back condition I initially visited Paula regarding back pain due to a curvature of the spine. It’s hard to believe, but my spine is actually more aligned now since seeing Paula and The Psychic Surgeons! I have also noticed a great deal of improvement in my general wellbeing and I seem to be a lighter and brighter person after seeing her. Paula is so gentle and reassuring and I felt at ease with her straight away. I have visited Paula several times and am amazed at her abilities. I highly recommend her, I couldn’t imagine how I would be feeling now if I hadn’t seen her and the Surgeons for my back condition. Thank you, KG Chepstow.

Paula is a warm, compassionate and beautiful soul and I am so pleased that I found her when I did, because it has been to my immense gain.
I have been attending for one to one healing which began after I suffered a bout of ophthalmic shingles in one eye, on my forehead and on my scalp. I was unable to take medication due to allergies and was told at the time by the doctors that I would probably lose my eyesight in that eye without the meds. I have no doubts at all, that the healing I have received from Paula and the Psychic Surgeons at the time saved my vision in the affected eye. My doctors were baffled!

I have gone on to receive further healing from the Psychic Surgeons for a skin lesion which was reduced in size quite dramatically and although I did have surgery to have it removed, after only five days ‘post op’ and healing from Paula I awoke to find the scar looking like it was three months old!
I am continuing to receive healing at present, both one to one sessions and distant healing from Paula and the Surgeons for a long term (40 years) chronic fatigue and digestive problems. I have no doubts that I am finally on the road to complete recovery. Thank you,

Marilyn. Psychotherapist/Spiritual Regression Therapist, North Dorset.

July 2017

Dental distant healing
Morning Paula, would like to say a big Thank you. My mouth is healing beautifully & out of pain now. Karen Whitcombe Caldicot, Wales.

What can I say?! You are amazing! Another wonderful treatment with you today! A different depth of experience every time. Thank You Paula Jackson! From Nikki West.

Was lucky enough to book a slot with Paula at the Healing Weekend and told her about a problem with my knee. Afterwards, she brought up another underlying problem which the Psychic Surgeons detected and dealt with. All I can say, is a massive thank you as this could have got worse had I not seen her. I recommend anyone to book an appointment. She is a lovely lady and has a great team working through her. Xx Karen Taylor

Thank you Paula and your Psychic Surgeon's for the most amazing experience of healing on Saturday, incredible feeling of being so relaxed while you all were working on me, felt the healing over the last few days so strong and powerful, a huge thank you. Jenny West.

Thank you Paula yes I’m feeling much more positive and made a few decisions and life has improved because of it. So thank you to you and your Team, it has made a difference. MM.
June 2017

I received Psychic Surgery support from Paula in May/June 2016. The change to my life was immediate!

I came to Paula and the Surgeons, stuck, grieving and unclear of how to move forward. I left the healing session feeling lighter, more balanced and full of clarity. it helped me to make decisions more immediately that I had been struggling with for some time. My life has changed in so many ways. I am "Me" again.
Thank you Alex C. Barry.

Had an extraordinary healing session on Saturday afternoon from Paula Jackson and Surgeons, thank you Paula and team, I will be back for more
Faye Bradbury, Cwmbran, Wales.


May 2017

Paula Jackson and her healing Surgeons are incredible, they certainly helped me when it was most needed. I feel blessed to have such lovely people as you Paula in my circle of friends x x
Jeanette Townsend, Wales.


April 2017

Dear Paula, thank you so very much, my March appointment was absolutely amazing and hugely exceeded my expectations in every way.  Words fail me, which is very unusual, but I felt that I was in the presence of something very wonderful, serene and at times almost ethereal.  My hips feel very much better, my breathing and that cough are so much easier and I feel brighter and lighter throughout.  Although I am so very fortunate not to be suffering physical pain there was an ample supply of emotional distress to contend with.

I had a little smile when lighting a cigarette later on which tasted horrible, perhaps your surgeons had a sense of humour in that they thought it might be a help to add a “little something” to make giving up even easier! (Yes they do) Today was a great pleasure and it was wonderful to meet you Paula. With best wishes, Petrina Heward, Sherborne x

Hello Paula, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the treatments I have just had recently with you. Never having experienced this type of treatment before, I went with a completely open mind. My main health issues are food intolerances, and digestive problems, resulting from having had Chronic Fatigue syndrome. After the first treatment, I found that I was able to tolerate more foods, without the ill effects. Also, my digestive system seemed to be working more efficiently. So, a very big thumbs up! My second treatment was again a positive one, continuing the good work of the first treatment. I am now looking forward to the next one, and the knowledge that I am introducing more and more foods. I truly feel that I will overcome these issues with your help. Yours eternally grateful Mrs B.A. Christchurch.

"I am thrilled to write a testimonial for Paula Jackson. She is an incredible, kind and compassionate individual whose healing powers are beyond anything I have ever experienced in my entire life! I’m not really one for healing sessions or meditation so I attended my initial session with scepticism. I was completely bowled over and am now a total convert. Words cannot do justice to how the healing makes you feel but I felt a strong sense of love and tranquillity which seemed to envelope me as well as detoxing my body from despair and weakness. My husband has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and I needed an outlet to handle my emotions and grief. Not only have I succeeded in doing this but the sessions have also empowered me with a deep sense of strength and hope allowing me to remain mentally and physically determined to help myself, my husband and my family through what can only be described as a horrendous period. Thank you Paula for being you and for being so phenomenal."  Mrs Rees, Charlbury Clinic

March 2017


Hi Paula
Just want to say a big thank you for your help and would be grateful if you could put this on your page as a testament to your wonderful gift in life that you have been given to work with the spirit/healing world.
I've just had my fourth healing session with Paula Jackson today and would like people to know more about how Psychic Surgeon Healing can really assist people especially those who suffer chronic pain and fatigue on a daily basis.
Having spinal issues and fibromyalgia my joints and bones feel like they are taking a battering every hour of the day. Every day feels like I'm climbing Everest! I'm sure some of you reading this can understand this. It is debilitating.
I was introduced to Paula in Chepstow in December 2016.
Prior to this I'd had a few very bad painful months. After the first session I started to feel a little less fatigued and after my second and third sessions with you my fibromyalgia flare ups had decreased and I had more energy and my pain levels were a little less. This enabled me to do something's I haven't done for a while and actually enjoy my day! I even managed a little gardening yesterday. Paula's sessions are professional but friendly and calm and her kind nature puts me at ease.
I really urge those who suffer from chronic conditions to try Psychic Surgeon healing with Paula, it may not work for everyone but it certainly does for me!!
Once again thank you Paula xx  Sharon Weaver, Chepstow.

February 2017

I met Paula a year ago having heard amazing things about her from three different people. I was so keen to see her but she was located too far away. Then Paula took a treatment room in Sherborne where I work, it was meant to be!
I have been a practicing massage therapist for 20 years, deep tissue, serious Sports massage, it has been an amazing career that has led me and given me enormous job satisfaction. I love my work. However, it has taken it's toll on my hands. Achy joints and 3 years ago x-rays had shown very early stage arthritis in both thumbs which were now very painful.

Since the first session I had with Paula and her wonderful Surgeons my hands have had a new lease of life, they look and feel different. I have a strength back and confidence to continue with my own work. I feel like I have been given a clear message to continue. Recent new x-rays show no sign at all of arthritis! Blood tests show no sign of inflammation. It is a miracle!

The work Paula does IS miraculous, I do not know how to explain it, I am in total awe of this beautiful, amazing gifted lady.
I am also a crazy amateur endurance runner/triathlete, my feet, hips and general energy have been helped by Paula and the Surgeons.
I have also had equally miraculous distance healing from her, I know I can benefit from her wondrous psychic abilities anywhere. Lastly my heart chakra...personal circumstances have left it needing some care...it has had some.
Thank you Paula, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you. Sarah Junor. Dorset.


I first had healing from Paula and her Surgeons in Glastonbury in 2015, when I had breast cancer. I was so impressed I offered to run a monthly clinic at my home in Wells. This has been running ever since then. I am a Healer and Medium, so not easily impressed.

All the clients have been impressed by the Surgeons work and how it has helped them, many come back every month. The Surgeons have helped with mental health problems, MS, ME and cancer. The February clinic is already fully booked! Thank you Joy Youngman, Wells.

January 2017

I have seen Paula Jackson and her Psychic Surgeons and divine helpers regularly over the last 18 months and in that time have had some amazing healing experiences which have varied enormously on so many levels.
Amazingly, I've had heart surgery where a stent was put in, thyroid balancing, hormonal balancing, minor surgery on the uterus, ovaries, oesophagus and stomach. The Psychic Surgeons have done spinal alignment to help with bone changes from whiplash injuries. They have even worked on minor ligament damage in my ankles and knees and all procedures undertaken without any pain experienced. My body has, on occasions, actually been lifted up and limbs moved around. My face has been squashed into the treatment couch whilst a drill was put up my nose to do brain surgery and it didn’t hurt one bit!

The amazing factor in all of this healing is that I had not moved from the stage of small signs to getting any symptoms. I knew my heart was working too hard and that I got occasional heartburn, I knew that I was living a very stressful life and that I was unhappy, I knew that my car crashes had hurt my spine but I didn't appreciate quite how out of balance I really was.

A healing session can go from being very physical and surgical to feeling sublime and lit up by a state of divine light and intervention, of peace and profound harmony with the works and the universe.
Each Psychic Surgeon slips in and out working on many levels not just on the physical body but also balancing the chakras and the emotional body and a quality to the headings is their very varied emotional and healing qualities that shift and change during each session. They give one insights into how to change and grow and take responsibility for ones own growth, healing and development.

Paula has also done some fantastic distant healing sessions on my children and on my friends which has been very helpful for extreme illness and for others on an emotional level.

I would recommend this form of treatment for everyone. It is not just for the sick and terminally ill. I send my own patients to Paula and encouraged her to set up a healing clinic near to me so that the Surgeons could share their work with more people. I was lucky to meet Paula sooner rather than later in my life.

Light and Love from FA. Sherborne, Dorset.

Having suffered from a chronic illness for thirty years which has involved many unpleasant and (varying) symptoms, I was delighted to meet Paula, with whom I have been fortunate enough to have regular healing sessions over the past two years. Each session has left me with a deep sense of calm and well-being, and has been an extremely enjoyable experience, lifting my spirit.
Specifically, Paula and the Surgeons have helped to heal a long-term bowel and gut problem which was causing frequent and acute bouts of diarrhoea. This condition was so debilitating that I was on many occasions unable to leave my house. I am delighted! Thank you.
A.S. (Eynsham)

December 2016

This time last year after losing my mum I was in the pits of despair. The grief unleashed so many childhood memories of inferiority and lack of self esteem and for me personally, as the eldest daughter a sense of massive responsibility. I had an urgency within me to live. I wanted desperately to shake off the burden I felt that I had to fulfil the role of Mum, Grandmum and general nucleus of the family.
I visited Paula with a completely open mind and didn't know what to expect. I instantly connected with her and felt comfortable and at ease with the whole time in her company. Everything Paula said before and after the session was just as she said and now after my fourth visit I am a different thinking person! Somehow my self esteem has been raised. It has enabled me to move forward.
I have recently been interviewed and successfully found a new job in retail where I am in the front of the public eye.  This time last year I could barely get out of the house for ten o clock in the morning to go shopping!
I feel happier inside, my mind is clearer and open to all the things I love, reading, crosswords, films. It's a feeling I didn't think I would ever get back!
I cannot thank Paula enough for her expertise and ability to give to other people a gift which is so precious. Peace of Mind!
Debbie Hammond, Whichford.

October 2016


Here's the testimonial:

My 13yr old daughter Grace had been struggling for over a year from the relationship breakdown with her father. She has had some very low times and her emotions were understandably all over the place. She said how much she had been sick of feeling so down and how any little thing would easily upset her.
Paula was recommended to me by a friend so I booked Grace to see her. We saw her on 22nd October -  I stayed in the 1 hour session and felt so relaxed watching Paula do the Psychic Surgery with Grace. After we left, Grace said her mind was empty of all the negative and foreboding thoughts had gone, she felt lighter and so much happier. Her eyes actually looked whiter and brighter! Now she feels great! It was such a relief to see as I had been constantly worrying about her. She remained happy for the rest of the day, slept well and today she went to see her Dad. She hasn't seen him for 4 months and what would normally be a hugely anxious event that she would often bottle out of, was completely different. She was confident, happy and not at all worried about it.
I can't thank Paula enough, I am seeing my daughter happy again after 16 terrible months of many downs. Now the whole family want to see her! A truly gifted and lovely lady - thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.
Amy Short xx Charlbury Clinic.

Distant healing

Hi Paula,
The healing was profound again. All you said I felt during the session, I felt my brain swishing!!! My heart felt massaged inside and my precious hands too, I cannot thank you and the Surgeons enough. Had a few tears again. You are amazing and once again I feel humbled. Bless you wonderful woman.
SJ Sherborne


Hello Paula,
" I saw Paula earlier this year; I had been suffering a worsening of my asthma for more than 9 months; I had a cough that wouldn't clear up, my condition was worsening by the day. I was unable to turn over in the night without struggling to breathe. I had numerous tests at the hospital, including, lung function, blood tests, a CT scan and echocardiogram; I had to be given Oxygen on two occasions, plus a nebuliser, all to no effect.

I booked a session with Paula, and on my arrival home I was able to clear a lot of mucus from my chest, and immediately felt better. I was able to move about at night without reaching for the inhaler. By the time I had my next hospital appointment a month later, I felt I didn't need it.  I have now been able to re-take up exercising with weights. A big thank you to Paula; she did more for me in one session than the experts at the hospital achieved in 12 months"!

Thank you Robert Crewdson

Distant Healing session

Dear Paula,  Fascinating, I asked before healing started for blockages to be removed that were stopping me from moving forward in life. Sadness, fear and humility came pouring out through tears and my heart released it all.  Strangely enough I didn't see the Surgeons today in white coats but got visions of a Victorian Christmas. The most beautiful feelings of joy, Peace and happiness accompanied the visions, Christmas is my favourite time of year! Will keep you updated and hope to book another session in November.
Can't Thank You and your Extra Special Team enough. Feeling very blessed with oodles of gratitude to have met you and been given the chance to walk pain free. EE. Cornwall.

September 2016

Dear Paula,
Distant healing to The Netherlands
I just wanted to send you a special note of thanks. What you did for my Mum was amazing, after she had a very bad fall and ended up with a serious concussion.
It was so bad that there were worries for some brain damage. After 5 days in hospital and not much improvement, and being plagued with constant vertigo, headache, nausea and relentless sickness, my Mum asked me whether I could ask my healer friends to send help.
You and your amazing team of Psychic Surgeons popped into my mind immediately and you were so kind to send the healing distantly. My Mum’s nausea and sickness stopped within the hour. She was not sick again, nor did she suffer from any more nausea, and she slowly but surely began her recovery.
I know the Surgeons checked in with her many a time in the past 3 weeks and I am delighted to say that she is now almost fully recovered. I cannot thank you enough. Mum sends special thanks to you. She still can’t quite believe what happened, and how quickly your Psychic Surgery worked to full effect, but is eternally grateful to you. <3
In Loving Gratitude, Bee Bee.

Hi Paula. I wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing treatment yesterday. I feel loads better today physically and especially emotionally. I'm much lighter and more positive. I truly am grateful that you came into my life. Thank you again E.V. Shipston on Stour

I definitely felt them working on me. My face, thyroid, stomach and knees. It was a wonderful experience. I actually laid on my own healing bed with some lovely music on.  I am so honoured and grateful they worked on me  - thank you too. I know this is going to make a great difference to me. J.B. Devon

From patient at Sherborne clinic - I just wanted to thank you. Something has changed. Something, quite profound has changed, for the better. I am very grateful, thank you N.J.

Like most .. we all have had energy healing .. and they all operate at different levels .. Paula I feel works at the highest level .. and delivers the most powerful healing sessions out there ..

Trevor Durrell as posted on Facebook

I am no longer a virgin to Psychic Surgery and it was amazing...thank you Paula Jackson xx Y.S. Wales

I had a treatment with Paula it was amazing! I felt like I was zinging all over the energy come out of my feet!! Wow!! It was so relaxing!! R.P. Wales

Thank you Paula Jackson for working on me with your amazing magical surgeons, it was just amazing!! Xx D.O.

August 2016

Neuro fibromatosis Type 2 NF2
"I cannot thank Paula and the Psychic Surgeons enough for their amazing work and abilities. For four whole months (Apr 2016 – July 16) I suffered with extreme swelling on the right outer-side of my head following a major brain surgery. Things were going nowhere and my doctors did not know the cause or the solution!
A friend recommended that I get in touch with Paula and the day after my first healing session I began to notice quite significant improvements. Another healing session a week later had dramatic effects and within two days the swelling on my head had disappeared completely. My head measurements reduced from 56cms to 48cms!

I was so shocked by how quickly things improved; four months was a very long and very frustrating time and I had begun to lose hope that I would ever get better. I have been able to now wear my riding helmet and go horse riding!
Not only did Paula and the Surgeons heal my swelling, they also improved function to my face (which had been paralysed in the hospital surgery) and helped towards making a tumour attached to my optic nerve less painful. To have learned of Paula and the Psychic Surgeons, and to have been treated by them, is a real gift. I shall be eternally grateful.”

(Jessica Cook)

Hi Paula,
Oh my that was amazing! I feel all that you described, I moved, twisted, lifted, stretched and tingled. I felt everything as I usually do. My hands feel strong and worthy, to massage another day. I am so grateful to the Surgeons and you. You are amazing! Thankyou Thankyou. Xxxxx SJ.

Heart rhythm

Hi Paula, My heart is playing up big time so please ask your Surgeons to support me so that we can get the rhythm right as it is fibrillating almost constantly since Saturday and the medication I am taking cannot be increased so am resting quite a bit at present.

5th August feedback: 
That was fantastic, could feel them working on my heart even controlling my breathing! The only thing I can say is that it was absolutely amazing and I feel myself once more. What a wonderful channel you are for your surgeons, it is a pleasure to know. Thank you so much. I hope my thanks were heard by those wonderful Drs. PR Bournemouth

Hi Paula. 
I certainly felt some unusual activity in my body...like pitter patter on my spine especially lower spine. I felt some activity in my back muscles as well like bubbles popping gently. Lots of tingling especially around abdomen and some twinges too. 
I will let the healing and alignment continue I know that energy will take the time it needs to permeate the physics. Deeply grateful for your work and for the surgeons work too. This is all so exciting and fascinating to me. 
Thank you thank you thank you RA.


"In May 2016 I had my prostate removed, because it was found to be cancerous.  Not only did the psychic surgeons help before and during the operation, I also had several remote healing sessions afterwards.  My bladder has recovered (incontinence is a side effect of a prostatectomy) much sooner than I expected and I am back on my bike after just 2 months when I was told it could be 3 or more!
With many thanks, David Lambert - Keynsham"

July 2016

Dear Paula, At last my testimonial with 3 photos of my condition - Leg growth.

The first photo, taken on the 21st February 2016 shows an angry raised growth on my leg which had been developing for a couple of months.
I visited the GP on the 25th February who immediately referred me to a skin specialist.

Healing session.
On 29th February I received a healing session with Paula and the Psychic Surgeons, and two days later, as you can see from the second photo the growth had started to reduce.

By the time I saw the skin specialist on the 22nd March it had reduced further, and after looking at my photos he diagnosed it as a 'resolving' keratosis, and therefore he was happy to wait a month for a biopsy, and excision. On the 1st April the last bit of the growth fell off! The scarring continues to fade. See the third photo below.
I was able to cancel the further appointment with the skin specialist as there was nothing to take a biopsy of!

Thank you Paula and the Psychic Surgeons. Ann Dixon

May 2016

Today 16th May 2016
Fantastic feedback from today! My client's operation tomorrow was in danger of being cancelled as last week, Doctors found he had a heart murmur. So this morning at 11am we sent 30 minutes of distant healing from the Psychic Surgeons. This afternoon the client went to the hospital and the Doctors cannot find anything wrong with his heart! So it's all systems go for the op tomorrow!
I am so proud of the Surgeons they are AMAZING!!!!!
Thank you Paula from Mary & David Lambert.

Chronic back pain.
Hi Paula
Many thanks to you and your surgeons. The day after the healing I was able to get in and out of bed and my chair unaided. The pain has lessened dramatically and I also feel uplifted and optimistic for this coming week. Still feel weak but know I can make the journey to my daughter's in Surrey and be of help while I am there. Feels miraculous and I feel blessed.
Sue Young in Frome

Plantar Fasciitis
Since the healing session, the best bit is this morning I had no pain in my foot or knee when I first got out of bed (first time since September) and now after a 2hr walk with my dog, still no pain! Thank you team SO much. It's a miracle - curing plantar fasciitis after 6 months as the doctors say 18 months to 3 years is usual! Can be longer than that!
Forgot to say that I am still pain free in my foot from the last meeting and yesterday the consultant said I am all healed from my operation of last July! Thank you team and psychic surgeons xx Two weeks on and still pain free!
Lynda Crossland
David was diagnosed with prostate cancer on Wednesday 22nd April, and although he is going to have the prostate removed, we feel that distant healing would help to hold the cancer at bay until the operation, as ideally we don't want it to grow or spread. 
Thank you for this morning's session; David saw one of the Psychic Surgeons during the distant healing session, a round faced man.  During the healing he felt a sensation around his pubic area, as if something was being put in and something was being pulled out, right at the end of the session. At the beginning he felt work going on in his temple area and then a ‘golden hand’ over his prostrate area. David felt the healing start and finish. 
Thank you David Lambert

Chronic back pain.

Hi Paula, Many thanks to you and your surgeons. The day after the healing I was able to get in and out of bed and my chair unaided. The pain has lessened dramatically and I also feel uplifted and optimistic for this coming week. Still feel weak but know I can make the journey to my daughter's in Surrey and be of help while I am there. Feels miraculous and I feel blessed.
Sue Young in Frome

Dear Paula
I have to say that since my first session with you and the surgeons, I have felt so much better in my mind body and spirit. I have had a problem with my hip for at least five years that had not been resolved despite two operations. After just two sessions with you and the surgeons my mobility has Improved and has enabled me to regain my confidence. This healing continues to help me in numerous ways and I am so grateful to you and the surgeons for the support that always seems to appear when it's needed most. Much love and thanks Kim x

April 2016
Thank you so much for today Paula, I also thank your kind Surgeon spirits for allowing me to finally release the anxiety that was there. The whole experience was truly uplifting and gratifying to say the least. I look forward to seeing you again.
Take care FR Whichford

I HAD osteoarthritis in the lower spine due to back surgery 40 years ago for
2x slipped discs on the lumbar spine. Since then condition has been "managed". Problem has caused back pain, sciatica, and difficulty walking/driving/gardening. Problem was compounded by a steroid injection to sort out the sciatica, but the injection went wrong, 2 years ago left foot went numb, and I turned the foot over walking, and broke the ankle.

After your healing session I had a solid nights sleep last night, the best I have had for months and months. I am still pain free, and had just a normal day. On getting up this morning, my legs and buttocks feel as though "I did too much at the gym!" That is it. I can feel my left foot now, and that is taking some getting used to. Like I can feel my foot in my shoe, (something we all take for granted) and I can feel my foot go down on the pavement as I walk.
This is the first time this has happened for over 2 years!
I am so looking forward to the Easter break. I am buying paint tomorrow, to redecorate my kitchen over the weekend! Last week I would not have dreamt of doing that!

Dear Paula
After the healing session I am fine, as yet no pain, just a few aches/stiffness now.
Actually got home from visiting you, the sun was shining and I did a couple of hours pain-free gardening! First time for years!
My healing session with you was phenomenal. THANKYOU
From a Lady in Salisbury.

Feedback from my Talk & Demonstration in Salisbury
I am just emailing you to tell you how amazing I thought your talk and demonstration was, this evening at Sarum College.
And following your "Room Group Healing" at the end, I have had goose bumps ever since, and it is still there! I would dearly like to have a one to one session with you.

March 2016 

Increasingly since my first amazing session with the Psychic Surgeons six months ago, (Sept 2015)
my life has been miraculously evolving. 
I am now the serene observer, enjoying the daily drama of life and not a powerless anxious victim battered and bruised by life’s ups and downs.
Thank you Psychic Surgeons and Paula for this priceless gift.
All the best
Stuart F.

Hi Paula!
Thanks so much for my session the other day. (Monday 29th Feb) I have had 2 amazing nights sleep with no dizziness and am keeping my fingers crossed that this continues! My shoulder feels much better and to be honest I am dumbstruck!!!
I would however like another session to do some more work on my shoulder and another area of my back which I didn't mention, as I thought I had given you all enough to work on already!!! Could you let me know when you are next available.
I just can't believe the difference and can only say a massive massive thank you!!!!
Lady Anon

February 2016

Dear Paula
I just wanted to send you a little note to tell you how I am after yesterday's healing with you, which I thank you for in many ways.
I felt "Floatie"  for a good few hours afterwards and have felt up to today a definite difference in my right hip/lower back area and less pain . I also had a much better sleep after asking the spirits to help me rest better.
Love and light to you & many blessings for all you have started to help me with .
Ruth x

Thank you so much Paula to you and your surgeons for the lovely healing.
I was really needing it! Felt I was on the verge of depression but feel a weight has been lifted now. I felt lots of tingles, shivers and little aches...
Rachel Kirkpatrick

January 2016

Molluscum Contagiosum  
(NHS.uk says) MC is a viral infection that affects the skin, most commonly affects children, usually the only symptom of MC is a number of small, firm, raised papules (spots) that develop on the skin. They are not painful, but can be itchy.

Hello Paula,
As promised please find below some words/testimonial below.

My son Jack (age 4) has had Molluscum Contagiosum for over two years. After trying many different remedies and treatments none of which seemed to help at all and some even making it worse!
I was desperate to find something that would put my son out of his misery as the spots were becoming sore, angry and generally an issue for Jack in his every day life, waking up at night scratching causing them to bleed and becoming very self conscious of his legs.

Any doubts or reservations I had about Paula’s remote healing and the Psychic Surgeons totally vanished along with the spots on my son!!!! It was instant!!!

I saw a difference for the first time in 2 years, just in one 30 minute treatment done distantly, at home with no stress for Jack at all. He has had 3 healing treatments now (Dec 2015-Jan 2016) and the spots are completely gone just the small scars left to heal with time. Now no scratching, redness or sleepless nights for Jack or his mummy!!

It truly was miraculous.

My heart felt thanks to Paula and the Surgeons and her wonderful work.
Kind regards
Philippa in Dorset


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Testimony for Paula Jackson and her Psychic Surgeons.
I have met Paula and the Psychic Surgeons on a number of occasions now. I have a Heart condition called Cardiomyopathy. It’s an enlarged heart, for me it’s genetic as my Mother passed away with this. I get very tired and also emotional due to no longer being able to do what I did before, my joins hurt and I some days can’t even walk.
I’ve had treatments with Paula and whilst on the treatment bed I have actually felt the Surgeons removing emotions from my heart and from my head, it’s a very strange feeling like tugging and pulling from these areas. It absolutely fascinates me! I feel so much better after treatment and I would definitely recommend the Surgery and I will continue to have this.
Thank you Paula and your Surgeons for the work you have done on me so far.
You are amazing at what you do and I'm sure I wouldn't be where I am today without your help xxx
Jackie Gunningham

December 2015
My condition is called Raynaud's phenomenon when the extremities of the body usually my fingers and my toes change colour (blue) and become painful, this is due to a narrowing of the small blood vessels or a change in temperature or due to emotional stress. After only a one hour session with Paula & the Surgeons my fingers and my toes turn pink again and there is no pain. I am very grateful to them for helping to manage this condition. With thanks Stuart, Sherborne.

6th December 2015
Before going to see Paula on 8th November 2015 I had been under the hospital for 16 months for a terrible stomach bloat that would not go down, I looked about 6 months pregnant and had only been able to wear elastic waisted clothes as none of my own would fit over the bloat!
I was tested for ovarian cancer, bowel cancer, had numerous CT scans, MRI scans etc. but the hospital could find nothing to explain the bloating.
After seeing Paula for just one 30 minute Psychic Surgeon treatment, (on the advice of my daughter who knows of her work) and whilst lying on the treatment table, I could feel the elasticated waist of my trousers shrinking! After 5 days I was able to tell my daughter that my trousers were falling off of me!!
For 16 months I suffered with this bloat and now I can get into all my size 10 clothes and not have to worry. I am so pleased. Thank you Paula.
Elisabeth, Bournemouth

October 2015
Kidney Stones
Hi Paula
Back in July i had my first ever experience with you & psychic surgery.
I was told repeatedly by the hospital that i had to have an op to remove the kidney stones that i had suffered with for over 9 months. I was in agony with sickness and morphine and repeated warnings from the docs to have the stones removed and a stent put in and biopsy. No thanks!!
Something was telling me to find a psychic surgeon but where?
A healer friend gave me your card after she had had healing from you and your team and was totally amazed coz she felt everything and saw one of the surgeons!

Then i came to see you and in just two treatments with you and the team within 10 days I passed the stone, with no pain! The proof is in the pudding.
I went to see the consultant at the hospital yesterday (30.09.15) and got the all clear! Amazing!!

Also i got to say, “See I told you it works to the unbelievers”. Seriously, i am so thankful and appreciative of you and your team. I am so so happy that i feel as light as a feather. Stress has all gone, pains all gone. It was the scariest time for me Paula but look at me now happy and looking forward to having a life!

I am so glad i found you or was led to you, now i want my family to experience a positive genuine real deal team. Its so amazing the gift you have been blessed with.
Thank you again



I have to say I am most impressed with my treatment at Barry MBS Event.
I feel uplifted. The long-standing feeling of hopelessness has gone!
My right shoulder moves more freely and is less painful. Thank you.

Hi Paula,
I arranged for some distance healing with you for my son Joshua about a month ago. He had been diagnosed with autism in July.
First of all, a massive thank you for your help! Since the healing Josh has been doing so well. He started year 2 at school with a new teacher, and they've been surprised by how happy and settled he's been. The staff have commented on how calm he is now, whereas last year he was prone to anxiety and feeling tearful at school.
Thanks very much for the healing. Best wishes, his Mum Lucy x

Dear Paula
I was at the MBS show at Chepstow and  I want to say a big thank you for the treatment.  I came to you out of curiosity and fascination, not really because I had any complaints.  However!!  I had had a back pain for about 2 years that I was ignoring – and now I have it no more!!  You won’t be surprised, and nor am I actually, but I am so grateful and so pleased with the result.
Thanks SO much. With warm wishes
Wilma Allan

September 2015

Hi Paula, I'm 59 years old and since my teens I have suffered from anxiety to various degrees. It forced me to leave university & I could only do 'basic' factory type work and I have not actually worked since 1995.
I take Prozac and beta-blockers and have felt pretty stable for the last few years. Since the early 80's I've been 'into' all things 'alternative' both therapies and spirituality and would like to try what you offer.

Anxiety feedback
Hi Paula, I wanted to say a very, very big thank you to you and the team of Psychic Surgeons. Since Wednesday's session I feel absolutely brilliant, like my brain's been completely rewired and I've got a completely new energy body!!
Please book me in again for next month.
Thanks once again to you and the team, I feel reborn!!
Very Best Wishes,

Anon, Chippenham

Hi Paula, listen to this....
Margaret (my sister) was really that ill and couldn’t walk.
Her words “i thought i had had it, the game was up” and then she said the next day she was having food and up walking with the zimmer!!..
I told her that you had sent distant healing to her and it all corresponded to the time frame of you sending the healing. She is home just yesterday and I talked for an hour with her.
She said will you thank Paula so much from me, so so much.
So there you go Paula another really happy and thankful and appreciative, of your gift.
And thank you from me too. Big hug. Rosemary B

August 2015
Dear Paula
I have to say u have helped me so much over the past few weeks....before I met you I was in so much pain and u were my last resource. I didn't know what to expect but since I've had just 3 treatments with you I'm completely healed and pain free....you and your surgeons are so gentle....I think u are an amazing person so warm and kind with this amazing ability to heal people....keep up the good work...my angel I feel...I'm not one for writing things for everyone to see....but u deserve praise....thank you for all your help....and if anyone has anything wrong with them, I urge u all go see Paula Jackson she can change your life, she changed mine....love to you.
Sarah Inturrisi Lilley x

Thank you and the Surgeons so very very much for doing the healing.
I was not present when my brother had the healing but spoke to him later in the day.
He told me that he dozed off so couldn't say he felt anything during the session; woke up around 12 noon feeling groggy as after an operation and after an hour or so felt really great! My mum (who he is visiting) said how he was chatty and very positive and she hadn't seen him like that for some time.
I wish I could find better words to convey my thanks to you and the Surgeons, and my mum and brother's thanks too but I can just say a huge heartfelt thank you to you all. God bless and have a great weekend, Best wishes,
Fiona xx

Hi Paula,
I thought that you would like to know that I have just been to the specialist eye clinic. When I visited them last May 2014 I was assessed with 12% vision in total. Yesterday I was assessed with having 40%!! What a fantastic improvement!!
I have to say that the clinic do not normally have patients returning for reassessment due to improvement, unfortunately people normally attend for a reduction. So you can imagine their surprise when I walked in!
I would like to thank you to you and your Surgeons for their HUGE and wonderful contribution in making this so and urge you to keep up the superb work that you do.
Please feel free to use this as a testimonial.
Love Paul x

July 2015

"I met Paula a year ago at a spiritual healing weekend; I took to her immediately with her smile that started healing me. Paula has a lovely nature that puts you very much at ease. Her technique is very special. I have kept in touch with Paula over the last year and met up again this weekend. Well what a difference a year makes! This lady has grown spiritually and her healing is greater than before!

Paula even had a workshop at the event, with no seats available for the amount of people wanting to hear and see her.
Her witty demonstration had everybody laughing about how she became a healer 4 years ago.
I know myself that Paula is destined to travel far and wide, to help people that need her help. At the moment she is building her healing clinics in this country.
If you have any problems, even if you have been told there is no cure, please book and see Paula, there is no guarantee but, she can offer you that chance that maybe nobody else can."
Gary Evans, Somerset

EYE condition.
Garden accident – a piece of glass pierced the iris and cornea of a little girl 15 months old. She was rushed into Southampton hospital, The Psychic Surgeons sent her distant healing.

Feedback received within days....
That the little girl has been twice more to Southampton Hospital and the eye specialist & Consultant are more than pleased with the way things are healing 'very surprised with the progress' Some of the dosages for eye drops have been halved and Mum & Dad are feeling so relieved.
She is still in the care of Southampton until they are happy that any danger of infection etc has passed, but as they left the hospital the parents rang on the way home and asked to thank you and your team, we will keep you posted.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

June 2015

I first met Paula at a psychic fair some time ago when I was feeling rough due to energetic changes

I was going through. We all know the feeling of needing something to help at certain times but not quite knowing what, but if we listen to our intuition we are often drawn to that which we need.

This was what happened with Paula, and I spent some time watching her work and chatting to her

as well. I have since had quite a few sessions with her, always different, based on how I'm feeling

at the time and what her 'surgeons' feel it is important to work on at that time.

I can only say that the work she and her surgeons have done has been so incredibly helpful and supportive, and that coupled with her informative feedback and caring nature, has helped me

through some very difficult and challenging times.

I feel very blessed to have met Paula, and even glimpsed her surgeons once while receiving a treatment. A very gifted lady. Tony Roberts @ June 2015

Testimonial from Stratford Clinic - June 15

If you were here I’de kiss you right now, I did my Irish jig (legs)

in bed all night but my knee is so much better today, a bit stiff but amazing!

Thank you xx


Paula, My husband Steve says he feels like a new man!!! Thank you & the surgeons so much. He has been very quiet most of the afternoon but is now bouncing off the walls wanting to chat! He said to send his thanks as well.

AR. Monmouth

MAY 2015
Thank you so much for the wonderful healing I received yesterday at Merley House. As the hours have gone by I have felt so much better.
Yesterday and today I have not had any painkillers so that is always a bonus! My back and my leg feel so much better and I can certainly feel the protective cast around my leg. It feels amazing.
I've been very drawn to Psychic Surgery for quite some time and was very excited to meet you and receive a healing from you and your team. I just cannot get over the feelings and sensations I felt during the healing.
It really is quite remarkable
S. Barker

About Dr Jenner
I found Paula's skills and her connections to the entities that work through her remarkable.
I remember meeting Paula a few years ago and as an energy healer myself and a medium I was feeling the strong vibration radiating from her and one of the entities who was working through her. Whilst we were chatting he showed himself clearly as a doctor, Doctor Jenner who had been deeply involved in making breakthroughs in medicine and made himself known to me whilst pounding on my own crown chakra lol and giving out a message of who he was.
Paula had a lot of purple orbs surrounding her that night as she and I chatted and I can definitely agree...she has some powerful entities who were doctors in this world channeling through her.

Paula is a lightworker who works in service to others and gives out light and healing, one of those called into service to heal including the world.

Angela Mordekhai
May 2015

April 2015

My fabulous friend Paula Jackson. She has personally helped me through a variety of mental and physical health conditions and is a wonderful healer. Skeptical or not, if you have a niggling problem or health condition why not give her a try? Incredibly relaxing to receive (fully clothed) it is also great for stress relief and general relaxation, Rhiannon Milner 29.04.15

Wonderful person with exceptional talents x
Chris Syme 29.04.15

Paula is a lovely and genuine person who is always humbled by how much her team can help. xx 
Sarah Koch 29.04.15

April 2015
Paula is Fantastic in what she does as a psychic surgeon. She recently helped two members of my family, one of which was in a critical state with amazing results xx
Patrick Gamble,
Polperro, Cornwall

April 15

My back/neck continues to feel much better and stronger than previously.


Stuart (who has Raynauds as well as many other serious diseases – he’s the one who came to you with blue fingers and toes and left with pink ones) says that his circulation is greatly improved.

Hello Paula,
As promised some thoughts on the experience of my first session with you and the Surgeons. I would be very happy for you to use it.
I felt profoundly relaxed during my session with healing colours appearing in front of my closed eyes. I experienced a sensation towards the end similar to peeling off a snug fitting skinny rib polo neck jumper, removing past pain and sadness and leaving me with a lightness of spirit that has stayed with me since that day, allowing me to live in the moment without my emotional baggage and free of the hurt and resentments of the past.
Thank you Paula and your wonderful team of doctors and healers.
Anthea in Sherborne

Just a quick update after your healing at Perranporth. During a healing swop with my friend your surgeon Dr Pat Jennings turned up with Jane, his nurse and she is also his wife!! He removed the top of my hip bone as it had totally disintegrated and the cartilage looked like an old rag with holes in it. He pushed a pad under my troublesome knee saying "this will stop it rubbing"........finally I am pain free on the right hand side but the left needs a lot more work so I look forward to seeing them again. Whilst all this was happening a tiny window opened from the spirit world and hundreds of doctors and surgeons climbed through to observe your man work and learn from him....it was so amazing to witness.
Truly we are the lucky ones, Emilz in Perranporth.

MARCH 2015

2 entries for the same case
Mon 16th March 15
An acquaintance who contracted septicemia after being bitten in the garden by an insect is on life support, she is currently still fighting for her life in Pembury Hospital.

Wed 18th March 15
Hello lovely Paula. Your magic has worked again. She has woken up and the infection is calming down. Thank you so much xxxxxxx
Please thank the Surgeons from the bottom of our hearts. Her husband sends his deepest gratitude too xx


16th February 2015
I went to Paula for help because my mind & my thought patterns were completely blocked. I could not think straight & my concentration levels were non existent. That was 3 months ago.
I had just one treatment & since then my mind & train of thought have been unbelievably clear & it has helped benefit my professional life 100%.I have met many people in my life from all sorts of occupations, but I know from meeting Paula, that her work is NOT a business, it’s a way of life & I feel the special quality she has is that, she really cares about her clients.

Yours sincerely
Ashley Woodford.

February 2015
I have had monthly treatments in Witney from Paula beginning back in September 2014. The benefits of her healing cannot be underestimated. I am so pleased by the results of her clearing my depression that I urge you to call her and allow her to help you. Not to mention her prices are that of someone who wants to help others, both decent and fair, really she is worth much more.
Many thanks and much love to Paula.
Ross Workman
Witney Holistic Health Centre


January 2015
Pain free hips for the first time in weeks!! Thank you Paula
Thank u Sue it is amazing what the Psychic Surgeons can do, thank u for trusting me and coming for a treatment. 
S. Chapman, Chippenham

January 2015
Thank you Paula I had an amazing treatment with you in November and you really made a positive difference in my life. Your treatment created a powerful shift forward and cleared a lot away that I didn't expect very helpful to me on my Spiritual Journey Thank you xx
Debbie Thorne



Hi Paula thank you so so much for the healing, I have felt so much better, after 3 weeks of suffering with this cough. My side aches and I am tired but the excruciating pain around my ribs has almost gone! You have an amazing gift, thanks once again.
D. Butler

I’ve experienced this spirit surgery its marvelous x
C. Stevenson

Wonderful. I had the best nights sleep for years. Thank you. x
K. Stephens

I felt marvelous! My back is the best it’s been in 5 years thanks to you and those surgeons! x
S. Ellis

I felt so rejuvenated and full of energy - loved it - now I need some more for back injuries/pain x
J. Dalton

My hip replacement certainly felt better Paula with your treatment xx
C. Syme

Feeling so much lighter & clearer. The synchronicities & opportunities which have opened up this week have been off the scale. Many thanks once again!
B. Martin

November 2014
Had an amazing psychic Surgeon healing with Paula Jackson, after the treatment, she said the surgeons had particularly picked up on a head trauma, (I could feel them working on it during the session), she told me they were concerned and asked if I had in fact had a trauma to the head in March this year? (2014). Well I had..! The area indicated was spot on! I'd bent down to pick something up that had fallen out of the fridge, when I went to stand up, caught the top of my head (where it's soft on a new born) really really hard, as the fridge door had swung open right on the corner of the door! Felt awful, but silly too as it was a crazy accident..
Was really painful for a week or more.. Didn't break the skin, but really hurt for ages afterwards...
After the healing - Feel better today, Still feel they're working in my head area, lol.. Which they can do afterwards apparently..
Feeling Positive and Blessed..

November 2014
Dear Paula
I just wanted to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to you and your team for the healing and love you've blessed me with so far.
I left you yesterday (15/12/14) feeling on top of the world but something happened yesterday evening that brought me to my knees.
At the time it seemed awful but I can see it now for the gift it really was.

That event held within it (highlighted) the pain that I have been carrying for the past 40 years. It also highlighted the life lesson, along with the key to opening the door to a healed and whole future. 
You have an amazing gift, and I cannot thank you enough for the blessings you and your team have given me.
By all means share this email... Others need to know that the healing you and your spirit helpers give so lovingly, heals at such a deep level, a level that can bring about beautiful and amazing changes.
Paula...so many people are suffering unnecessarily...when help and healing are within easy reach from you.

With love and light,

December 2014
'I have been seeing Paula for several months as I suffer with OCD. In this time my OCD has lessened and I am feeling a lot brighter and more positive, able to focus more on what I want to do, sleeping better and more relaxed.'

December 2014
Hi Paula
I just wanted to say thank you for such an incredible treatment last Saturday. The surgeons came back to me on Tuesday night and carried on the work on my throat which was quite an intense experience but good. There is some definite improvement so thank you. I look forward to seeing you again in January.
Best wishes
Val, Oxfordshire

25th September 2014
"I have to confess I was rather scared about what to expect for my first healing session but Paula managed to calm me down and straight away I knew I was in good hands (or rather several pairs of good hands!). I thought initially that Paula wouldn't be able to help as 'physically' there was nothing as such to heal as my problems were mostly stress related however after my treatments with Paula I am sleeping so much better and my approach to life is now so much calmer and positive thanks to her work on eliminating negative emotions and calming a hyper active mind" JC.

22nd Aug 2014
Hi Paula, I just wanted to say thank you - to you and your surgeons. Last week I had my second healing session with you. 
To start with I was unsure of what was going to happen, however, this week I have felt so focused and so full of energy, more so than I have done for many years. I have been running, cycling to work, painting and all sorts. So thank you again and I cannot wait for out next session, if only to see what else I can do in my spare time!

                                                        ~ ~ ~ 

20th August 2014

Distant Healing Feedback from Kenya!

My Dad has had an eye operation and it has not gone well, can you help? Sent Distant healing to her Father and a few days later received this reply!

"Hi Paula great news – Dad’s vision is much improved and he can now see better than before the op! Thank you so very much J "

9th June 14
Hi Paula,

Just to let you know I have felt so much better since your treatment on Friday.
Slept like a log Friday night and each night since. Feeling more peaceful in myself and getting that synchronicity from spirit again. Keeping up the chakra work and feeding the solar plexus energy to keep it strong, thanks again, Tony, Salisbury

5th June 14
Distant Healing feedback

I was booked into a chiropractor yesterday to sort out a knee problem. Felt an absolute fraud as it slowly became apparent that I no longer had the knee problem! Those lovely surgeons had healed it although I hadn't felt anything! I had to smile to myself as I lay there. Thank you so much. Jenny

6th March 14
Distant Healing feedback
Thanks again for helping out at such short notice last night but I was at my absolute wits end. Well, it was quite a strange sensation! Felt lots of fizzing and butterfly type activity going on in my lower stomach which then moved upwards, felt a few tweaks in other places such as in the sole of one foot, and felt as though a huge calm just descended on my mind. I still didn't sleep last night but it was the best non-sleeping night I've ever had! Felt incredibly grounded and just relaxed. I love the sense of being so grounded and it's showing itself in little ways such as I'm eating slower and moving slower and with more purpose. Thank you again Paula. Ms C. Berkshire. 13th February 2014

Infertility Success!!
After 7 years of trying for a baby and going through various Medical, IVF and alternative treatments, I went to see Paula in July 2012 for a healing session and then again for a 2nd session in August 12.

At the age of 32, I had been diagnosed with “unexplained infertility” and had only been given an 8% to 10% chance of conceiving with IVF!

During the healing sessions I felt my tummy expand up like a balloon followed by a pulling sensation in both my ovaries. My tummy was then deflated only to expand again a few minutes later. All the time this was happening, Paula was working over my abdomen doing the healing.

Some 10 weeks after my treatment with Paula, I tested myself on 10th November to find that I was pregnant! I didn’t believe the results, so I did 4 more tests!!

I was pregnant! My baby girl was born on 14th July 2013 fit and healthy.

I strongly believe that Paula and Mr Surgeon played a big part in my ability to conceive my baby, and I will definitely be coming back to see Paula again for baby No 2!
Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire

1st January 2014
Paula, Happy New Year. I just wanted to thank you, as the last couple of days have been great and I have been back to myself again. It was good to see the New Year in, on a high! Much love x
Sam in France

17th December 13
Got back home to France yesterday and after seeing Paula Jackson, the old Sam is back! Hoorah, now to get all Christmassy. — feeling wonderful!
Sam in France

9th December 13
Just want to say a HUGE thank you to Paula and 'Mr Surgeon' for the amazing healing that they recently gave me which was for a REALLY painful tooth abscess which had been troubling me for about a week. Whilst waiting for a dental appointment, I'd been taking some really powerful pain killers which had little effect, so Paula and Mr Surgeon gave me two separate sessions a few hours apart and then her Surgeon gave me a 'house call' during my sleep state.
The next day the result was NO more pain at all and I still haven't any pain which is great because I'm still waiting for the dental appointment! I'd also had healing from them both a few months previously for a completely different health issue which also was eased straight away.
Thank you to a lovely smiley lady and the amazing Mr Surgeon.
Love light and angel blessings,
Sharon May, xxx

7th December 13
My wife says to tell you that what you did for her has made a huge difference in many ways, I am also feeling changed too! Think we will probably need another treatment sometime. Hope all is well with you, love and blessings xx

Anthony, Salisbury

12th Nov 13

Hello energy saver - YES today I feel back to normal ( if normal exists ha ha) - I felt as though your team continued to work on me that night - and possibly yesterday too! I am SOOO grateful for the balance that I feel now - and will be back if this happens again.

Thank your team, much love xxx P xxx

22nd November 13
"Any person receiving healing from this wonderful healer will walk away feeling a million dollars.”
Graham in Carterton

20th November 13
Complaint of back pain.
Paula is a seriously amazing healer
G. in Witney

3rd Sept 13
Breast Cancer – feedback
Hello Paula, just to let you know that my MRI scan results were fine! Thank you and your healer doctors!

6th July 13
I recommend you to people and would see you again. I felt so much better, found you to be spot on, the experience was magical and had given me a boost and felt my mind to be clearer and overall a whole lot better and more connected.
Also, you yourself are very radiant and warm.
S. in Bristol

13th July 13
Hi Paula
I met you this weekend at the healing festival where you gave me a lovely healing treatment. You certainly have an amazing ability and great trust in your spirit helpers. I have a bad back and I also had a hysterectomy last year so these are the main areas they were working on. Even after you had finished your treatment I still felt as though the surgeons were working on me. The things I have seen, heard and felt since the day I met you will stay with me forever. Thank you.

May 13

Hi Paula

I have an OCD type thing called Tilotrichomania (an uncontrollable urge to pull out hair).

I have been doing this since I was 9 or 10 & it started during my parent’s messy divorce. I am now 49!!!

Problem is hair now not growing back. Is this something you think you can help with?

4th July Feedback
Hi Paula! Fantastic for me - still not pulled a single hair out and no urge to either!

12th May 13
Hi Paula After the healing session I felt exhausted and went to bed for a few hours that afternoon. I was a bit down on Monday and Tuesday and then suddenly on Wednesday morning, something seemed to 'kick in' and I felt really positive and up for the challenges in life - I've never
I really feel like a blockage has been cleared, although maybe not 100% yet, and would like to see you again - I'm planning on coming to see you in Burnham-on-Sea on 18th May and also bring a friend with me.
Thank you so much to you and Mr Surgeon for the healing - its completely changing my perception of life and drastically improved my relationship with myself and stopped all the negative chatter in my head. You are both amazing - thank you!!
A. in Bristol x

Hi Paula. I had a great day Sunday. I woke up yesterday feeling happier than I have in a long time and I believe your healing had a lot to do with that. Thank you very much xx

Hi Paula.
Well. What a fab day yesterday (28.04.13) and I'm so pleased I got to meet you.
You are an inspiration. You were a pleasure to be next to. Can't believe the vibes that were coming off you which nearly sent me to sleep in the morning! Keep up your good work. People so need you.
Speak soon.
Allison (Therapist) x

Last night (26.04.13) at pamper eve I had such a wonderful experience. See I booked in for Psychic Surgeon Healing with Paula Jackson and was lying on the couch when Paula's spirit guide Mr Surgeon started to talk to me all the way through the healing session. I feel honoured that he trusted me enough to ask me and answer questions, and I am sure I will meet him again with Paula. Thank you x

I can honestly say it’s been incredible. I just feel so positive! Even when I feel myself trying to moan about something I realise I’ve changed it around to something positive. Everybody has mentioned how upbeat I am! And have so much energy! Thank you.
Wootton Bassett

After suffering with Neuralgia for the last couple of years in my right arm, it has left me with two fingers suffering from constant pins and needles and limited mobility in my right arm.
I turned to Paula to ask if she would help me through her healing. I was very suspicious of this form of healing but thought I had nothing to lose. From October 2011 I have had three sessions and they have been absolutely brilliant, in each session I felt that someone was working on my wrist, arm or shoulder even though Paula was not touching me. These sessions improved both my mobility and relieved the numbness in my fingers. I am now starting to pick up my sewing again, something that I had been unable to do due to my condition.

I am so pleased I cannot recommend this healing enough.

Bicester, Oxfordshire

Prior to me coming to Paula for the treatment, I had been suffering with toothache for around 2 weeks and was due to see the dentist; plus had been experiencing pain in the tendons in my right foot for around 2 years, meaning that regular runs were far less enjoyable as I had to take pain killers directly afterwards on most occasions due to the severity of the pain.  
I have had a few Reiki treatments in the past with other therapists; I’m sure Paula's was the only treatment which has made a real and lasting difference to my wellbeing!  
I have never had a treatment where a Spirit Guide is there working alongside the therapist and, had I not experienced it for myself, I would’ve felt less likely to believe it possible! 
My face felt as if it was being pulled around, even though her hands were not touching me – I suddenly tasted what I thought was blood and my toothache immediately disappeared; plus when moving to my foot,
I felt the presence of a hand – although she were not touching me – on the back of my leg, plus all my toes were being tugged and pressed. Thank you again for the wonderful treatment. 
It was an amazing experience and something I will never forget! 
The results:-
I did not have to pay a visit to the dentist and I am now able to enjoy pain-free runs – as a direct result of the treatment!  Thank you again Paula….you truly do have healing hands!