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I am an author of two books on Amazon, Journal of a Psychic Surgeon & The Light in the Life of a Psychic Surgeon. I have my own wellbeing range of essential oil based products called: The Vibrations of Nature, consisting of creams, balms, oils & ointments. Please visit my shop page to view the full range.

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On 2nd April 2021 my second book was published...
'The Light in the Life of a Psychic Surgeon'

Paula Jackson writes from the heart as she shares in this, her second book, her love of healing with the Psychic Surgeons, who are the ‘Light in her Life.’

As a channel and healer for the Team of Spirit Psychic Surgeons Paula shares her unique spiritual experiences. She introduces us to twelve new Psychic Surgeons who work through her hands with their Psychic Surgeon healing, describing their medical backgrounds when they were here, on the earth plane as Surgeons and Doctors. In addition Paula shares with us her spiritual journeys and her special pilgrimage to Lourdes.

Paula is especially thrilled to reveal her connection with the spirit of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, as he channels through her, his automatic writing.  He shares with her his never before seen messages and his brand new Sherlock Holmes short story.

*Kind written permission has been given to Paula Jackson from The Conan Doyle Family Estate, to use his image and his name, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in this publication.

My first book 'Journal of a Psychic Surgeon'
With 70+ five star reviews on Amazon!!



 "In writing this book my hope is that through sharing my experiences it will inspire you and give you the confidence to help others in whatever unique way you can, just like I have. This is my story of the incredible transformation from an Office Secretary to my spiritual awakening as a Psychic Surgeon. I share with you some of my most amazing experiences through my connection with Spirit, the Psychic Surgeons and a healing path I never knew was open to me. I have been on my spiritual path since 2011".

Paula Jackson

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