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I work as a Psychic Surgeon, with a Team of Spirit Psychic Surgeons. We work in the Etheric body using Universal healing energy. I channel the healing energy whilst The Surgeons carry out the Psychic Surgery healing. Their aim is to clear the blockages that build up within the mind and body causing disease, we work to Balance the Mind to Balance the Body.

Distant Healing

Distant Healing
Psychic Surgeon Distant Healing can be sent to you, wherever you may be, whether it is in the UK or Europe or the other side of the World! The Psychic Surgeons link energetically into your energy and send you healing through your submitted photograph to Paula.

How does it work?
The Distant Healing energy is sent to you through the Internet by the Psychic Surgeons. They connect to your energy using a photograph of either yourself or a loved one, that has been emailed to Paula. The Distant Healing session is 30 minutes long

What do you have to do?
You would need to email Paula first of all, giving details of the ailments you need help with, your age, the area of where the person lives of who is to receive the healing. Paula would arrange by email a date & time convenient to both you & her for the healing session to take place. 

Payment of the distant healing is made to you through a Paypal payment request, which is sent to you by Paula. Once paid the healing appointment date/time is confirmed and the distant healing is sent as arranged.

What do I feel?
You would need to be sitting or laying comfortably at the arranged time to receive the maximum benefit of the Distant Healing. Some people say they can feel tingling, heat or cold where the Surgeons are working, but this is not true for everyone. Just trust that the healing is being sent to you by the Psychic Surgeons. You will need to have a glass of water beside you to drink after the healing has been sent, this is important as it grounds you after the healing session. Paula will email you once the healing has been sent.

What happens next?
The healing continues to carry on working for a day or two after it has been sent. Please keep hydrated during this time.
At this point mentally you should start to feel lighter and brighter within yourself, like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.
Depending on what your ailments are/were take note of any benefits felt.

Contact details
If you would like for you or a loved one to receive Distant Healing please email Paula at paula.jackson11@gmail.com expressing your interest. Or alternatively please click onto the Contacts page to get in touch with her.

The Distant healing of 30 minutes is given freely.
The charge for Paula's time is £20


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