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I work as a Psychic Surgeon, with a Team of Spirit Psychic Surgeons. We work in the Etheric body using Universal healing energy. I channel the healing energy whilst The Surgeons carry out the Psychic Surgery healing. Their aim is to clear the blockages that build up within the mind and body causing disease, we work to Balance the Mind to Balance the Body.

Wednesday, 24 February 2021


Trust – a *new* Amazon 5 star book review

“I've bought this book, after receiving healing sessions from Paula and the Psychic Surgeons team. Only a few long distance healing sessions helped me immensely, I felt calm, peaceful and full of energy, like never before! I was curious to find out more about this healing method because it worked for me! In the book, Paula explained everything I needed to know. She explains her unusual and awesome journey from the beginning, how she was called to do this special mission, how she actually does it, etc.. I enjoyed reading this book very much.

In these times, where there are many people in need for healing, and are in a search for help, you have to pay attention to whom you give your trust. Here is a book about powerful healing about an authentic and powerful healer(s) that you can, actually – trust.”

Lejla H.

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