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I work as a Psychic Surgeon, with a Team of Spirit Psychic Surgeons. We work in the Etheric body using Universal healing energy. I channel the healing energy whilst The Surgeons carry out the Psychic Surgery healing. Their aim is to clear the blockages that build up within the mind and body causing disease, we work to Balance the Mind to Balance the Body.

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

September Testimonial

Just received this lovely testimonial from the Psychic Surgeons distant healing.
I hope you agree it's like nothing you have read before! The Surgeons healing is deep and effective and they let you know they are there, just as these ladies below have commented.

Wow that was wonderful. I could really feel the Psychic Surgeons working on me, especially on my heart area. I felt a pull and shift in that area with some emotion rising. The penny has dropped that that could have been why I’ve had sinus and respiratory issues as well. At one point I felt very light like I was rising or floating and my body was tingling all over.

I saw light pink and a light green colours gently moving and swirling, like they were coming in and out of view.

I felt tingling working in both arms. My right arm feels a little heavy and tender at the moment, but I can still feel the gentle tingling into my hands even now. I felt gentle tingling all over my torso right down to my feet.

I am very grateful with the rebalancing of my hormones. Apart from low mood I did wonder if there was an issue with my hormones because my hair has been very thin and brittle, and I have been getting cystic acne on my jawline and neck for a while that is quite painful. My hips and lower back already feel the stiffness is slowly easing. I do feel calmer and peaceful and felt like a gentle sweep all over my head, especially the top.

Thank you so so much. I am incredibly grateful to you and the Psychic Surgeons for your help and healing.

Debbie Rowe

Thank you and the Psychic Surgeons for the healing. Wow, wow, wow!!!

I actually saw a few colours in the beginning, and during the session felt my neck/shoulders feel like they needed to move (as if I had sat awkwardly). My head and heart needed a good spring clean. And my right hand and right foot have been particularly bad today.

Thank you all for your time and amazing energy.

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