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I work as a Psychic Surgeon, with a Team of Spirit Psychic Surgeons. We work in the Etheric body using Universal healing energy. I channel the healing energy whilst The Surgeons carry out the Psychic Surgery healing. Their aim is to clear the blockages that build up within the mind and body causing disease, we work to Balance the Mind to Balance the Body.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

An amazing testimonial to share with you.
This lady has the condition neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2),

“I cannot thank Paula and the Psychic Surgeons enough for their amazing work and abilities. For four whole months (Apr 2016 – July 16) I've suffered with extreme swelling on the right outer-side of my head following a major brain surgery. Things were going nowhere and my doctors did not know the cause or the solution!
A friend recommended that I get in touch with Paula and the day after my first healing session I began to notice quite significant improvements. Another healing session a week later had dramatic effects and within two days the swelling on my head had disappeared completely. My head measurements reduced from 56cms to 48cms!

I was so shocked by how quickly things improved; four months was a very long and very frustrating time and I had begun to lose hope that I would ever get better. I have been able to now wear my riding helmet and go horse riding!

Not only did Paula and the Surgeons heal my swelling, they also improved function to my face (which had been paralysed in the hospital surgery) and they helped towards making a tumour attached to my optic nerve less painful. To have learned of Paula and the Psychic Surgeons, and to have been treated by them, is a real gift. I shall be eternally grateful.”  (Jessica Cook)

Before healing session 1                          After healing session 2
Head measurement 56cms
Head measurement 48cms

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